Mouni Roy's Latest Foodie Adventure Will Make You Slurp
Image Credit: Instagram/Unsplash

Mouni Roy has established herself as an iconic actor in recent times, captivating audiences with her stellar performances, including her role as the bewitching protagonist in the highly popular TV show 'Naagin,' and her villainous turn in the fantastical adventure 'Brahmastra.' However, what truly sets her apart among her fans is her insatiable love for food.

This vivacious actress never misses an opportunity to share her culinary escapades with her admirers, no matter where she is. Currently stationed in Kolkata, Mouni is delighted by a famous street delicacy that left us yearning for a bite ourselves. 

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Mouni shared a snapshot of her recent gastronomic excursion, and can you guess what was on the menu? The classic puchka, of course! Her post featured a plate loaded with five scrumptious puchkas accompanied by a generous helping of aloo mixture and a bowl of tangy imli water to wash it all down.

"When in Kolkata, phuchka," Mouni captioned the post. It seems like the actress truly had a great time relishing this street food delicacy. Take a look at her story here: 

Puchka, the ubiquitous street food that goes by many names across the country, such as pani puri or golgappais a tangy and irresistible treat comprising crispy wheat pooris with a filling of spiced and mashed potatoes, along with tangy tamarind and herb-infused mint water. After being enticed by Mouni Roy's indulgence, we are undoubtedly yearning for a bite of this mouth-watering snack. If you too are in the same boat, fret not, as we've got you covered.

Here are some fascinating ways to recreate this street food delicacy in the comfort of your own home. These delectable recipes range from cheese pani puri to sev dahi puri, and they're all worth trying. So, why wait? Click here to discover the recipes and start whipping up your own batch of delectable puchkas.

Mouni Roy is a culinary adventurer who is always up for exploring different cuisines and savouring local delicacies. In the past, we've witnessed her indulge in a mouth-watering Japanese feast. However, what caught our eye in the photos she shared were the iconic sushi rolls. Alongside these delectable delights, we could also spot an array of wooden platters brimming with tantalising treats such as crispy kale chips, exotic fruits, and wholesome nuts.