4 Most Expensive Coffee Around The World
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World’s most expensive coffees: Are you passionate about tasting the world’s expensive coffee? Best in the taste, caffeinated and refreshing. But mind you, these aren’t the typical coffee that charges Rs 300-400 for a cup. Instead, this costs up to Rs 8000. So if you want to know about such unique and expensive coffees in the world, this article is for you.

Black Ivory Coffee

This unique coffee is made from elephant’s shit(please use a different word). Do you feel like puking? Wait, let me tell you that they are fed coffee beans because elephants are herbivores. After that, there is this coffee ferment inside their stomach. Along with the elephant’s shit, the whole coffee beans come out because they are not digested. Can you believe this entire process makes it the most expensive and caffeinated coffee in the world? This is the most caffeinated coffee in the world(repetitive). Unfortunately, if you want this coffee, then this isn’t readily available. It’s found only in a few places, including 5-star hotels(in India or outside, please mention) serving it. 

Price of one cup – between 4000 to 8000 rupees

Ospina Dynasty Gran Café Premier Grand Cru

It is made on a farm that was built in 1835 by two brothers who escaped from prison. Now the coffee of this brand has become the most famous. However, the coffee is made only in this form. It is grown significantly at an altitude of 7500 feet, not on the ordinary soil but at the volcano’s mouth. That’s why its taste comes out different. Though it has a nutty flavour, coffee enthusiasts say that it has a velvety flavour.

Price of one cup – between 1000-2000 rupees

Kopi Luwak

For many years it has been one of the most expensive coffee in the world. It is pretty famous, and if you still google ‘most expensive coffee’, this coffee will come up. It is made with the help of a Luwak animal; yes, the process is the same as that of elephant coffee. The animals eat only the freshest and sweetest coffee beans; hence, they are smooth, flavoured coffee. It is made in many flavours like plum, rose etc.

Price of one cup – between 2500-4500 rupees

Hacienda La Esmeralda

You must have heard the name Panama, a country in Central America. This is where the world’s third most expensive coffee is made and has got the most awards. Yes, this coffee comes from a particular plant that grows only at 1500 feet above sea level. Its season is abridged, and it costs a lot to make it drinkable, which is why it's so expensive. However, its flavour is quite strong, and a few people like it.

Price of one cup – between 1500 -2000 rupees 

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