Try These 7 Healthy Snacks Made With Green Gram Sprouts

The overall flavour profile gains a subtle depth from its earthy undertones. Whether they are stir-fried or served raw in salads, the sprouts retain their natural freshness. Moong sprouts are full of nutrients and enzymes, and they add a crisp texture and subtle flavour to foods that make them more vibrant and help maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, as mentioned in Possible.

Let us discuss the snacks that can be made of moong or green gram sprouts: 

1. Moong Chaat: 

Chaat made from moong sprouts is a delicious combination of crunchy texture and mild, nutty flavour. The crisp texture of the sprouts is enhanced by the lively tastes of the spicy chaat masala, tart tamarind chutney, and fragrant spices. This recipe is a nutritional powerhouse in addition to being a culinary delight.

Because of their high protein, fibre content, and vitamin content, moong sprouts aid in digestion and provide long-lasting energy. The chaat's low calorie count makes it a great option for a healthy, light snack that enhances overall wellbeing with its tasty and healthful mix.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

2. Moong Bean Cutlet: 

Cutlets of moong, or green gram sprouts, provide a delicious combination of flavours and textures. The outside of the sprouts is crunchy, but the insides are still soft and full of protein. The flavour is a well-balanced blend of spicy spices and the nuttiness of the green gram sprouts.

These cutlets are not only a delicious snack but also a nutritious powerhouse, providing fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Moong sprouts are well known to facilitate weight control, speed up metabolism, and improve digestion. When cooked with little to no oil, the cutlets combine flavour, texture, and health benefits in every bite, making them a filling and healthy delight.

3. Green gram Soup: 

The soup made with moong, or green gram sprouts, has a subtle nuttiness and tastes light and pleasant. The soup keeps its creamy, comforting texture, while the sprouts add a delightful crunch. This soup, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, gives your body a nutritional boost that supports metabolism and digestion.

Because of the high protein content of the sprouts, the soup has a satisfying texture that makes it a good choice for anyone looking to eat healthily. Including moong sprout soup in your diet can improve your general health by fostering a balance of vital nutrients and providing a delicious meal.

4. Moong Pancakes: 

Pancakes with moong, or green gram sprouts, have a distinct flavour and texture combination. The pancakes are light and fluffy with a hint of crunch from the sprouts, and the green gram sprouts add a nutty, earthy flavour. These pancakes, which are high in fibre, protein, and other vital elements, provide a satisfying and healthy morning option.

They support sustained energy levels, better digestion, and weight control. The addition of moong sprouts boosts the nutritional content even more, making these pancakes a healthy choice that packs flavour, texture, and health benefits into one filling meal.

5. Moong Dal Tikki: 

Moong sprouts tikki is a delicious combination of flavour and texture. The spices add a savoury and aromatic flavour, and the sprouts add a crisp, fresh texture. Pan-fried, these tikkis are crunchy and soft at the same time. In addition to being delicious, moong sprouts are high in fibre, protein, and other vital minerals. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they facilitate better digestion, increase metabolism, and enhance general health. The tikki is a tasty and healthy complement to a balanced diet, combining the beneficial qualities of moong sprouts with a burst of flavours to create a satisfying snack or appetiser.

6. Moong Sprouts Sandwich: 

A sandwich with moong sprouts offers a delicious blend of flavours and textures. The sandwich bread offers a cosy softness, and the sprouts add a crisp, invigorating crunch. Vibrant vegetables add to the flavour, which combines earthiness and freshness.

In addition to being really tasty, this sandwich is incredibly nutritious. Moong sprouts are high in fibre, protein, and other vital elements that support healthy digestion and general wellbeing. The sandwich is a filling and healthy meal that offers a variety of health advantages and a pleasing texture and flavour combination.

7. Moong Ki Chilla: 

The taste and texture of moong, or green gram sprouts, combine to create a wonderful mix. The crispy sprouts are combined with a soft, pancake-like consistency in the chilla, a savoury pancake. The texture of the chilla is soft and delicious, and the subtle nutty flavour of the moong sprouts complements the other flavours of the pairings well, like chutneys, pickles, etc.

Tightly packed with vital nutrients, fibre, and protein, this dish packs a nutrient punch. It's a filling choice for people looking for a nutritious breakfast or snack, providing a tasty, adaptable, and simple way to reap the advantages of moong sprouts.