Monsoon Special: 4 Food Items For A Balanced Diet

Monsoon is officially arrived at every corner of India. While some people are finally relaxed, some are once again troubled as the heavy rainfall has thrown their normal life out of gear. During the rainy season, our bodies are vulnerable and at a high risk of getting in contact with cold cough, malaria, dengue, typhoid as well as stomach infections. To get rid of these issues, it is essential to have a diet rich in essential minerals and nutrients. 

If some experts are to be believed, one should focus on eating food which is fresh, balanced and easy to digest. One should focus on eating seasonal vegetables and fruits as they can provide the nutrition to prevent seasonal infections at bay. So, here are 5 essential items that you have for a balanced diet during the rainy season. Here you go! 

Video credits: Your Food Lab/YouTube


Fruits like plum, cherries, jamun, peaches, litchi and pomegranate should be a part of your everyday diet. These fruits are in vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, protein and other antioxidants. They can provide the right nutrition to the body and can keep you healthy and fit during the monsoon. 


Vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, pointed gourd, bitter gourd may not be appealing to the taste buds but believe me, these veggies are a boon for the health. Right from fiber to protein to essential minerals, these vegetables have it all and thus, they should be a part of your diet. These veggies can help in building the immune system. 


Having plenty of fluids is a good habit, not just during monsoon every single season. But when it comes to rainy season, it is advisable that people should consume more and more water in a warm form. They can have soups and broths. This helps in rehydrating the body and boosting the immune system. One must have soups in your diet as it is to digest and beneficial for the body. 


Indian spices not just add flavour but also adds up the nutritional value of the dish. Spices like turmeric as well as ginger are known for their anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties. They can boost immunity and keep the body healthy. These tiny spices should be a part of everyday diet during the monsoon season. 

Give these a try and be healthy during the rainy season!