Monsoon Snack Recipes, 6 Homemade Munchies For Rainy Days

Monsoons in India are not merely a season; they are an emotion that stirs the heart and soul of every Indian. The pitter-patter of raindrops, the earthy fragrance of wet soil, and the sight of lush green landscapes create an enchanting atmosphere that fills our hearts with joy and tranquillity. As the rain cascades outside, it becomes essential to find solace indoors, enjoying the cosy comforts of home. And what better way to enhance this experience than by indulging in some delicious and comforting Indian snacks that perfectly complement the monsoon season? 

The right snacks can elevate the experience of enjoying the rain from within the cosy confines of our homes. These snacks hold the power to evoke a warm sense of belonging while the rain falls and as we savour these monsoon delights, we are reminded of the comforting, timeless traditions that have shaped our lives. In a world that is ever-changing, these snacks become a delightful moment to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the monsoon magic.


Crispy and deep-fried, pakoras are a classic monsoon snack in India. Whether it's onion, potato, paneer, or mixed vegetable pakoras, these savoury fritters are a perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot tea.

Masala Chai:

No rainy day is complete without a steaming cup of masala chai. The blend of aromatic Indian spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, combined with the rich taste of tea leaves, creates a warm and comforting beverage that perfectly complements the monsoon ambience.

Video Credit: Kabita's Kitchen/YouTube

Vada Pav:

Originating from the streets of Mumbai, vada pav is a popular street food snack that consists of a deep-fried potato fritter served in a soft bun, along with chutneys. It's a quintessential monsoon delight that offers a perfect blend of textures and flavours.

Aloo Tikki:

Aloo tikki is a mouthwatering snack made from mashed potatoes and spices, shaped into patties and shallow-fried until golden brown. Served with chutneys and yoghurt, it is a delightful treat for monsoon evenings.


A popular Indian sweet, jalebi is made by deep-frying a fermented batter in a spiral shape and soaking it in sugar syrup. These syrup-soaked, crispy treats are a heavenly delight to savour during monsoons.

Roasted Corn (Bhutta):

One of the simplest yet most enjoyable monsoon snacks is roasted corn, popularly known as "bhutta" in India. Corn cobs are roasted over an open flame until they turn golden and slightly charred. Sprinkled with a dash of salt, chilli powder, and a squeeze of lemon juice, roasted corn offers a delightful combination of smoky, sweet, and tangy flavours that perfectly complement the rainy weather.