Monsoon 2023: 10 Tempting Street Foods to Savor On Rainy Days
Image Credit: Pexels

There is a particular charm in the air during monsoon season when the raindrops fall, the world turns greener and the air becomes fresh. And what better way to make the experience even better than to indulge in delicious street food dishes that go well with the climate?  

Street food vendors throughout the world offer a mouthwatering variety of alternatives that are ideal for eating during the rainy season, from crunchy snacks to sizzling hot delicacies. In India, this monsoon binge includes everything from cups and cups of chai to fried and roasted snacks that add equal amounts of crunch and joy to our taste buds! 

Craving some rainy day-special snacks right now? We list 10 delicious street meals in this article that you just must try if you want to enjoy the monsoon of 2023.  

1. Pakoras 

Whenever we think of rain, there's no better combo than Pakoras and Chai. Whether you love onion pakoras, paneer pakoras, or mixed vegetable pakoras, they all pair with the beautiful rain. A monsoon staple, pakoras are fried veggies like onion, potato, and spinach that have been dipped in a spicy chickpea flour batter. The resulting fritters are crunchy and delicious. In many parts of India, eggs, chicken, fish and seafood are also used to make yummy pakoras.  

2. Roasted Corn  

Only some things quite compare to the satisfaction of enjoying roasted corn on the cob while observing the rain fall. The smoky sweetness of maize that has been roasted over an open flame is the definition of monsoon comfort. Tasting its smoky flavor with some lemon juice, salt, pepper, green chilly, and butter feels the best.  

3. Vada Pav 

Vada pav, a Mumbai speciality, is also known as the burger of India. A tasty combination of flavours is created when a spicy potato fritter is sandwiched inside a soft bun and served with chutneys, making it ideal for a quick snack while it rains. Vada Pav has a customized range of flavours which are admired by many people. The softness, crunchiness, tanginess, and spiciness make it a favorite among street food and rain lovers.  

4. Golgappa  

Golgappas are crunchy puffed wheat or semolina pockets loaded with potatoes, chickpeas, onions and flavoured sweet or savoury water. Each has an explosion of flavour that is just unmatched. An energising and zesty treat, these hollow, crispy puris are filled with a combination of mashed potatoes, chickpeas, and tart tamarind water. Customized according to the spice tolerance of each customer, vendors across India specialize in making this snack. 

5. Jalebi 

Jalebi is a deep-fried sweet treat that is covered in sugar syrup, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Made with a chhena or milk solids dough which is deep-fried in spiral shapes, Jalebis are then soaked in a sugary syrup. Jalebis are the perfect monsoon sweet delicacy to consume while watching it rain outside because of their crunchy texture and sugary sweetness.  

6. Samosa 

Samosa doesn't need to be introduced because it is already a loved Indian snack of most of the people. Samosa consists of a pastry shell filled with spicy potatoes, peas, and sometimes fried spicy filling of grounded moong daal and some spices. People enjoy the crispy and savoury goodness during the rainy season by serving them with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, mustard chutney, or coriander chutney.   

7. Aloo Tikki Chaat  

Soft potato patties are combined with tangy chutneys, yoghurt, and spices in the dish known as "aloo tikki chaat." Popular in North India as well as West India, Aloo Tikki Chaat has slowly and steadily made its way to the hearts of all Indians. This dish is a mouthwatering choice for savouring the monsoon season because of the variety of flavours and textures it has.  

8. Egg Bonda 

Egg bonda, a delightful monsoon snack, offers a perfect blend of crispiness and savoriness. A hard-boiled egg is enveloped in a spiced chickpea flour batter, creating a golden-brown shell with a soft surprise inside. The first bite releases a burst of flavors, as the outer layer crackles to reveal the warm and seasoned egg. This comforting snack is a popular choice during rainy days, providing both a satisfying crunch and a touch of warmth to complement the season.  

9. Momos 

Momos are steamed or fried dumplings with a variety of meat or vegetable fillings that have their origins in the Himalayan and Tibetan region. Paired with a very spicy red chilli chutney, momo is a brilliant treat to indulge in. The calming flavour of Momos with their spicy chutney are a favourite during the rainy season due to their comforting nature.  

10. Chai and Bun Maska 

Bun maska and a cup of masala chai will round off your street food experience, especially if you are from Maharashtra. The bun used in bun maska is usually a close relative of Pav, the famous bread from Maharashtra. A steaming cup of spiced tea goes perfectly with soft buns generously coated in butter, producing a delicious harmony of flavours.  

Prioritising food safety is essential when partaking in street cuisine during the monsoon to ensure a pleasurable experience free from health risks. Inspect the freshness of the ingredients, choose vendors with sanitary setups, and stay away from food that has been left out for an extended period of time. Choosing freshly cooked foods and drinking bottled water can also help to reduce digestive problems. 

Remember to use caution and enjoy these delicious dishes properly as you start your culinary journey. Therefore, assemble your loved ones, brave the weather, and indulge in the tantalising selection of street food options that monsoon 2023 has to offer.