Monkey Shoulder Launches Smokey Flavour For Peated Blended Malt

In the world of whisky, there are infinite flavours to explore and every opportunity to get creative. Where purists once frowned on whisky cocktails for being too far outside the convention, the tides are turning and drinkers are shaking off the dusty shackles of the past to embrace experimentation within this once-rigid space. For whisky enthusiasts, peated whisky has always ranked among the most complex and interesting forms of the spirit but never intended to be enjoyed in any way other than neat. Until now. Enter Smokey Monkey, the latest masterminding of Monkey Shoulder which was unveiled at the prestigious ‘30 Best Bar’ awards at Taj Citade de Goa. It is a batch of Blended Malt Scotch Whisky that combines Scotland’s finest malts and pairs them with notes of peat and barley sugar for a sweet, smokey taste.  

Under the expert guidance of Brian Kinsman, the collaboration with bartenders led to the development of the perfect smokey Scotch, specifically designed for mixing. This small-batch mashup of premium peaty and non-peaty single malts is the spirit animal for those who dig a smooth whisky ride. Nose? Think oaky smokiness, mellow vanilla, and a dash of subtle citrus. The taste? A wild blend of dry peaty notes, creamy sweetness, and spice – the Monkey Shoulder signature dance. It's the key to whipping up cocktails that'll make your taste buds dance. Smokey Monkey offers a smooth whisky experience with a nose of oaky smokiness and a taste that balances dry peaty notes with the creamy sweetness and spice signature which offer up a new playground to develop new flavour dimensions in cocktails. Whether it’s in the realm of new inventions or offering up some twists on the classics, Smokey Monkey is adaptable and ready for a challenge. 

Cocktails at their core are a celebration of fun and flavour, each with its own unique personality, with a spirit serving as the heart. Unlike a conventional peated Scotch, Smokey Monkey offers a cheeky reinvention of the norm with a unique blend, innovated with bartenders' needs at its core. It’s designed for the drinking community by the drinking community and refined with the help of industry experts who wanted to see an innovation in the whisky space that mirrored the growing trend of smoky flavours in both whisky and Mescal. Among Smokey Monkey’s must try is Smokey Penicillin cocktail which is also recommended by Gaurav Sareen, Brand Ambassador India.  

In a space often perceived as dull and conventional, Smokey Monkey brings forth a playful take on peated Scotch, a 100% Malt, made for mixing. So whether you’re already a fan of smoky whiskies, or you’re looking to expand your palate to try something truly one of a kind, you can head to premium bars and lounges in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Goa.