Mongolian Breakfast: Know What’s Their Morning Meal

What is the national breakfast of Mongolia? Is it remarkably similar to other countries or drastically different from them? If both, how would you respond? People in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, enjoy a variety of foods for breakfast, including eggs, bacon, bread, Nutella, cereal, milk, toast, and noodles. But things are a little different in other parts of the nation. People consume a lot of dairy items and fried dough for breakfast. Perhaps for this reason, most Mongols do not have a lactose intolerance. 

Modern Breakfast  

The morning diet in Ulaanbaatar is pretty comparable to many others. In the morning, people frequently eat eggs and toast. Maybe some individuals make their breakfast with beans and bacon. Since getting groceries has gotten simpler throughout time, the only restriction on your diet is what you can imagine. You can follow any diet you like in the Mongolian capital, including kangatarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan. Given that Mongolia is a landlocked nation, there may not be as much fish available there. If you like to fly to Mongolia and have fresh salmon for breakfast every day, this may be an expensive proposition. 

Traditional Breakfast 

The harsh climate and turbulent history of Mongolia had a significant impact on the traditional food. The main ingredients of Mongolian cuisine are flour, meat, and dairy. They mostly ingest calorie-dense foods to stay warm in the bitterly cold climate. The ancestors had to preserve their food for a longer period of time because of their turbulent past. As a result, their primary diet consisted of air-dried meat and dairy products. Now we know why Mongolians are so devoted to milk and meat. So let's discuss the types of foods they typically eat for breakfast. 

Dried Curd

The Mongolians shape and dry drained milk or sour milk to create these easy yet delectable tiny wonders. It is their preferred morning, afternoon, and evening snack. No matter where they are or what day it is, people eat it because it is such a delightful delicacy that we just can't get enough of. 

Deep Fried Dough - Boortsog

When it comes to sweets, the country has a precise palate. A dough made from just six basic ingredients—flour, butter, sugar, salt, yeast, and milk—is deep-fried called Boortsog. It is shaped into either triangle or sometimes spheres. They consume it simple or along with other dairy products. 

Clotted Cream 

Cow milk is first indirectly heated in a water bath or with steam to create clotted cream. After that, let it to slowly cool in shallow pans. During the cooling process, the cream content rises to the surface and forms clots. Every Mongolian enjoys this simpler traditional dessert as well. They enjoy having it with either a slice of bread or our deep-fried dough. 

Milk Tea- Suutei Tsai

Making the one and only Suutei Tsai of Mongolia requires only four ingredients: water, milk, salt, and tea leaves. In the rural areas of Mongolia, milk tea is frequently consumed for breakfast because of the sometimes-tight schedule. For this drink, fresh, fat milk is typically used, allowing the person to feel full for a very long time. 


Yoghurt is a morning meal in Mongolia. but not a European-style one with a lot of added sugar or preservatives. They often eat freshly prepared ones that have no extra sugar and no preservatives at all. Mongolian yoghurt production resembles clotted cream production in many ways. After removing the clotted cream from the milk, we add unique bacteria to manufacture the yoghurt. After many hours of stirring, the one and only Mongolian yoghurt is then ready. 

People from other nations frequently believe that Mongolians only eat one kind of food, possibly mostly meat, flour, and dairy. However, they have a variety of feeding choices, and it depends on the environment and available resources.