Momos With Spicy Chutney: Know The Calorific Content In A Plateful Of Momos
Image Credit: Momos With Spicy Chutney

Is it difficult for you to resist a plate of momos with spicy chutney and creamy mayonnaise? If yes, then you are definitely a 'Momo Lover'. Momo is a northeastern street food that has become one of the most famous street foods in India in the last 3-4 years. Many experiments are being done with the momos when it comes to flavour. From veg to chicken and paneer to even chocolate, you can find an array of momo variety. Since momos are steamed, some consider it a healthier option than anything fried or greasy. But today, we will learn about the nutritional aspect of street food. 

Are momos healthy for your body?

Momos can be considered as one of the healthy options among all the fast foods we usually eat. This is because they include only one harmful ingredient: refined flour (maida). Since it is steamed in less oil, they are much healthier than other fast foods. 

Nutrition in one plate of veg steamed momos 

  • 240 Calories 
  • 33 g Carbohydrates 
  • 3 g Dietary Fiber 
  • 6 g Fat 
  • 12 g Protein 
  • 12 g Cholesterol 

The values mentioned above are for one plate of six momos. So if you make momos at home with several different kinds of vegetables, they can be very healthy. But if you buy them from the market, they can be unhealthy for you in many ways. At home, you can even replace the refined flour with whole wheat.  

How can momos be unhealthy for you? 

Street food has always been debatable when it comes to hygiene. Momo vendors may not be selling fresh momos or may not be using several hygiene protocols. They are often kept for several hours or days. Momos chutney can have dust particles which can be dangerous for your stomach and health. Street food vendors might be using stale vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, etc., for the stuffing. Besides, momos are often left uncooked, which can be very harmful to your stomach and intestines. 

How to reduce momos calories?

Since there is a lot of maida in the momos, it can be unhealthy in many ways for your body. Nevertheless, if you eat a well-cooked momo, you should do one of these things to burn the calories you receive. 

  • 1-hour brisk walk 
  • Cycling for 45 minutes 
  • 30-minute swimming 
  • Play 1 game badminton or tennis 

How can you make your momos healthy?

  1. To make the momos healthy, you can make some minor changes while preparing them. 
  2. Instead of ordering it online or from the market, you should prepare momos at home. Add green and colourful vegetables to it. 
  3. Instead of red chilli chutney, you can make healthy chutney by adding coriander, mint, garlic, ginger, etc

(Medically reviewed by Dr Anuja Gaur, Dietician at Aakash Health Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi)