Mom-To-Be Masaba Gupta's Cravings For Spicy Thai Delights
Image Credit: Instagram | masabagupta | Freepik

Masaba Gupta, renowned for her unique fashion designs, is currently experiencing the joys and cravings of pregnancy. In preparation for her first child with actor Satyadeep Misra, her social media has become a window into her culinary adventures, especially her love of spicy food. Gupta recently craved Thai bird's eye chilli, known for its intense heat.

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The designer's Instagram Stories are a testament to her adventurous palate. Just recently, she posted a tantalizing image of Thai chicken basil rice accompanied by a glass of bone broth, a meal enlivened with bird's eye chili. This particular chili is native to Mexico but has become a fundamental component of Thai cuisine due to its potent spice levels.

Image Credit: Instagram | masabagupta

Masaba's caption, "Gimme anything with bird's eye chili right now, and I will eat it," underscores her current preference for hot and spicy foods, which is a common craving among many expectant mothers. Her followers have been treated to various moments of her day, from healthy breakfasts to elaborate dinners, but her current focus seems to be on the fiery kicks of Thai flavors.

Masaba Gupta has previously discussed her tastes. She posts photos of her meals on social media, showing her love of healthy, colourful food. Gupta's food diaries are a mix of taste and health, from a healthy Sunday breakfast bowl to her love of comfort foods like potatoes.

In line with her recent posts, Masaba also recommended a few Thai dishes that resonate with her current cravings, from the innovative Thai Curry Ravioli to the classic Tom Yum Soup, each dish reflecting the complexity and richness of Thai spices and flavors. These culinary suggestions not only offer her followers a glimpse into her current dietary indulgences but also serve as inspiration for those looking to explore Thai cuisine.

Masaba Gupta's fashion and food continue to inspire her audience during pregnancy. Despite pregnancy advice against spicy foods, her love of spicy Thai food shows her dedication to enjoying life's pleasures one meal at a time. Her story of pregnancy cravings and vibrant cuisine makes each meal a celebration of flavour and zest.