MoHFW Issues Guidelines On How To Beat The Heat With Food
Image Credit: Unsplash

Ask anyone and you will know that dealing with peak Indian summers is quite an issue. Stepping out for an education or work is inevitable and leads to direct exposure to the scorching heat, while at homes, the indoor environment can get equally hot and dehydrating. But whether you are at home or outside, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) believes that beating the summer heat is quite possible, that too with food! 

In a recent Twitter post, the MoHFW issued a few key guidelines on how to beat the heat with food, while also using #BeatTheHeat as their mantra. The informative post shares “Food-related precautions to stay protected against heat-related illnesses”, and provides four descriptive pointers that everyone can keep in mind and easily adopt. Here are the four guidelines to beat the heat with food, as shared by the MoHFW. 

1. Avoid cooking during peak summer hours. 

2. Open doors and windows to ventilate the cooking area. 

3. Avoid high-protein food and do not eat stale food. 

4. Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks as they may lead to loss of more bodily fluid.  

The guidelines issued by the MoHFW clearly show that you can easily beat the heat with food, if you keep both cooking and eating aspects in mind. In India as well as other nations that go through intense summers, indoor pollution and heat during summers can pose just as much of a threat as outdoor heat and risks of heatstroke. So, keeping both indoor and outdoor safety in mind is just as important as using safe cooking and eating habits during summers.