7 Modern Kitchen Hacks For Workaholics
Image Credit: Kitchen Hacks For Workaholics

Most of us deal with a hectic work-life. There are presentations to be worked on, big pitches to be figured out, and tight project deadlines to be met. Yet, despite all this, one is left with very little time to cook. However, we all know that homemade food is always healthier than those packed bowl meals from restaurants. So don't worry, busy peeps! Here are some cooking hacks that can save precious time. 

These are the best cooking tips for people who don’t have the time to make meals and are almost always busy:

  • Make extra puri or chapati and refrigerate it for further use; it can save a lot of time. Are you a fan of South-Indian cuisine? Then you can prepare extra batter in advance for uttapams and idlis and store it in the fridge for a quick evening snack option. 
  • Plan and make a list of groceries you need to buy and buy all of them, including vegetables and fruits together (at least twice a week). This will save your time for going market repeatedly, making your work easier. 
  • Always keep ingredients for a quick meal ready. For instance, boiled potatoes in the fridge can be a life saviour on days when you are out of time and meal ideas as potato dishes are quick and easy! 
  • Cut the vegetables and keep them in the fridge. This will save the time of cutting vegetables in the morning, and the food will be prepared quickly. Make sure to keep it covered.

  • Always keep light, handy and healthy meal options ready. For instance, fruits or snacks can be eaten anytime in the office, and you don’t even need to heat them. 
  • Plan the meal. If you plan dinner in the day and the next day’s lunch a night before, you will neither need to think much nor take much time to cook.
  • Always keep ready-to-bake snacks in the fridge; it will help you work efficiently if unexpected guests arrive at your house.

If you use these tips every day in your kitchen, you can save up a lot of time and energy!