Mira Kapoor Drinks Ghee Every Day For Her Skin, Should You Try This Desi Remedy Too?
Image Credit: Instagram @mira.kapoor | Mira Kapoor Drinks Ghee Every Day For Her Skin

Mira Kapoor is slowly emerging as one of the most sought-after content creators on Instagram and looks like she is taking her role rather seriously. The 27-year-old has been very vocal about her love for Ayurveda, and often posts about tried and tested foods and remedies on her account. On Monday, Mira spoke about her fascination with ghee. Ghee, for the uninitiated, is clarified butter obtained from milk. It is being dubbed a superfood by many nutritionists and is loaded with good fats, antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It is good for weight loss, energy and skin. In her Instagram story on Monday, Mira Kapoor wrote, ‘no filter, no makeup, no skincare, just drinking ghee’.  

Picture credits: Instagram story by @mira.kapoor and Freepik.com

Further thanking her Ayurveda doctor, she wrote that ghee helps internal oleation. “Ghee is closest in structure to our body lipids and works best to dislodge ama(toxins), carry them out to be eliminated and nourish the cells of the body.”

Whether you are drinking medicated or regular ghee, there are certain factors you must keep in mind. You must always consult an expert before increasing or reducing your dose. If you are working with regular ghee, you can start with drinking just a tablespoon or two. Try and pick organic or home-made ghee. See if it suits you and only then proceed. Over-ingestion of ghee may lead to weight-gain and even affect your heart health.  

Here are some benefits of ghee you may not have known:

  1. Ghee is a very good source of energy which is perhaps why it is used in many ladoos and Ayurvedic mixtures.  
  2. The lauric acid present in ghee, is quite an incredible antimicrobial substance.  
  3. Ghee is an effective ingredient for oleation, which is the process of ingesting oil for a period of time, until your fat-soluble toxins are pulled out, helping good fat metabolism.
  4. Ghee, being an excellent source of butyric acid, helps strengthen intestinal walls too
  5. If you have been struggling with irregular bowels, ghee could be your good companion. Milk combined with ghee are known to ease bowel movements in traditional Ayurvedic practices.  
  6. Ghee can be considered a ‘good fat’, because the long-chain fatty acids present in ghee, are not resulting in unnecessary fat accumulation, but actually as energy fuel.
  7. The saturated fats in ghee can also help give you the skin of your dreams. It could help make your skin radiant naturally. But remember, moderation is key.
  8. Ghee is definitely one Ayurvedic superfood you must not ignore, but in a bid to see early results, you must not go overboard. It does not matter whether you are drinking medicated ghee or home-made ghee, the quantity must always be kept in mind and expert descretion is advised.