Mini Pastry: How It Emerged As New Trend In The World Of Desserts?
Image Credit: Mini Pastry

Easy small serving desserts or Mini desserts, in the form of an assortment of mini pastries and pétits fours served together on a platter, have become a rage among dessert lovers and aficionados alike. Making a splash in the food world, these mini pastry platters are a pleasant way to finish off your meal. Mini pastries offer customers more flavours, variety, textures, and unique pairings, incorporating ingenuity and creativity in the baking process. Furthermore, Chef Alisha Faleiro, a Pastry Chef at the Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts, throws light on this emerging trend.

How mini desserts came into the picture?

Many times, we are so full post a dinner meal that desserts often take a backseat. Despite wanting to gorge on some delicious desserts, we are left agonizing even at the thought of consuming that big slab of extra chocolate layered cake or mousse. Indeed, we do keep the room and set part of the entrée aside, thinking we would enjoy it at home later. Or the restaurants could make it easier for us to enjoy it right there by offering mini desserts instead.

How mini pastries became the new trend?

These mini, bite-size portions are the new trend in desserts. They offer a mélange of all classic varieties that can satiate our dessert cravings and limit the calories. And of course, these miniature versions also create an illusion that no matter how rich or indulgent the dessert is, a small bite cannot be that bad for us.

Healthy eating due to covid-19

Of late, many have moved towards eating healthy since we have had to remain cooped up inside our homes and live a sedentary lifestyle due to Covid-19 induced lockdowns. But sometimes, we all need a cheat day, and that’s where mini pastries come in. These are minor, sweet, decadent, and they do not cause as much harm in calorie load. 

Popular mini desserts include:

  1. Bite-sized cakes.
  2. Mini tartlets.
  3. Tiramisu in small cups.
  4. Cake pops.
  5. Ice cream sandwiches

These give customers the chance to sample multiple ‘tiny’ selections without feeling guilty about the calorie intake.

So, let your mood dictate the dessert you want to have!