Mind-Blowing Tips For Post-Festive Weight-Loss

A roshogolla here, a chop there, a full Kathi roll later when you go back home, you only have one thing in mind, how much do you have to work out to burn these calories right? The festive season sure whets up our appetite for all things sizzling hot and fried, but let’s not forget the impact it has on our waistline soon after. Now that the Navratri is finally over, it is time to give a thought to your diet as well, and here are some mind-blowing tips that are easy, doable and just perfect for a post-festive cleanse.

Our body has an excellent natural detoxification as it is, but sometimes, when we over indulge, it becomes tough for our body to keep calm and a bad tummy, and weight gain are some common signs that you shouldn’t ignore and give your body some much needed rest. Here’s how you can start

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: And not the usual way, if the plain taste of water is boring for you, slip in a wedge of cucumber or a slice of watermelon in your water bottle and drink this fruity, infused water. You can also add some spices like jeera or ajwain in your water, leave it overnight and enjoy some home-made detox water. Fruit juices and coconut water are also a good idea, but make sure they are fresh and homemade.  

Load Up On Seasonal Fruits And Veggies: The weather is turning nippier and your kitchen needs a revamp too, stock up on local, seasonal fruits and veggies like spinach, broccoli, chikoos etc. You can toss them in salads, or prepare hearty broths.  

Keep It Light: Switch to soups, or lighter curries instead of rich, dry-fruit and ghee-laden gravies. Within days you will start feeling the change, your digestion would improve significantly too, because watery soups and curries are much easier to digest and because they are so filling on their own, you stay away from unnecessary calories too.

Feed Your Gut: Add lots of probiotic foods like curd or fermented foods like tofu in your diet. A healthy gut microbiome is a key to improved immunity and digestion. Healthy digestion is also directly related to weight loss.  

Do not forget your protein: After bingeing on fatty red meat, it is time to switch back to leaner proteins like fish and chicken. Boil them, have them in salads, the choice is yours.

Happy detoxing. Try these tips and let us know how you liked it. Detoxing is not about starving or dramatic diet changed, you can always start with simple tips as these and see the change for yourself.