Adulterated Milk? Check Its Purity With 4 Methods
Image Credit: Adulterated Milk

How to measure the purity of milk at home? Milk is one of the most nutritious foods around, which is also known as a complete diet. Do you know why is it the best selling food? Because it contains all kinds of nutrients. Even the poorest of the poor buys milk. Unfortunately, the market has taken advantage of this need and has started adulterating the milk. If you also want to know the difference, try these methods to distinguish between natural and impure milk. 

Milk mixed with water 

How to detect the presence of water in milk? It can be seen by placing a bit of milk on a bright tilting surface. The dash of natural milk moves gently, giving a white trail after it, whereas milk diluted with liquid will drop quickly without leaving any trace. Next, add a few drops of Iodine solution or tincture of Iodine.


If you are falling ill after drinking milk and cannot detect adulteration by its aroma or taste, then store it for a while. Natural milk does not change its colour when stored, whereas artificial milk turns yellow after some time. If the milk changes colour, then it has been adulterated. 

Synthetic milk

  1. Synthetic milk is made by mixing refined oil and detergent. If you are buying loose milk, then smell it. If the milk smells like soap, it is adulterated. 
  2. Note- There is no particular smell in natural milk. 


If you suspect that the milk has been adulterated, recognise the difference by its taste. If there is a bitter or salty taste, then detergent and soda have been mixed in the milk. On the other hand, the taste of natural milk is mildly sweet. 

Take these tests and find out whether the milk you are buying is real or fake.