Michelin-Starred Italian Chef Adriano Baldassarre Gives Delhi A Taste Of His Italian Flavours
Image Credit: Caprese/Ayandrali Dutta

As a child wanted to be a doctor, but today is not just a good chef but a Michelin-Starred Italian Chef. That’s Adriano Baldassarre, who is currently in the city and is redoing the menu at Perbacco at The Lodhi, New Delhi. This Italian luxury fine dine restaurant sees an inventive approach to contemporary Italian dining infused with traditional flavours. Curated by Michelin Star Chef Adriano Baldassarre, the restaurant boasts a classic Italian menu for lunch and offerings with a contemporary twist for dinner.

This dynamic and creative 40+-year-old, Michelin-starred chef, who has crafted the all-new summer menu has given a classic rendition to all Italian favourites and made sure than one gets a taste of Italy on the plate. The menu surely sees and boasts of fresh ingredients celebrating season’s finest produce. The flavours are medley or robust and subtle both well plated and executed. 

I happen to visit MKT at Chanakya to try these creations. This one-of-its-kind food destination, MKT is all about an immersive gourmet journey with elegant dine-in spaces and live cooking theatres. Here, rhythms, brews and international cuisines come together to entertain and elevate your dining experience like never before. The meal started with his favourite Roasted Beetroot, Rubra Sauce, Onion, Caper where the lovely sweet flavour of beets with something like a sorbet almost melts in your mouth. The chef who believes that less is more vouches by the fact that simplicity should be the key on the plate and that’s exactly seen Caprese- a plate that sees fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil. The mozzarella on the plate has been sourced from Spotted Cow Fromagerie is a small creamery based in Mumbai. The flavours kept enticing me so was our conversations that revolved around his favourite places in India to eat to how much he needs to explore Delhi. This was followed by Lamb Tonnato with onion and capers, was one of the finest on the table. Next was the Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe. One of the simplest spaghettis I have eaten in years that so well balanced in taste. This dish simply translates to “cheese and pepper”.

With some Old fashion by the side, the Lamb Scottadito, Mustard Dressed Salad, Barolo Sauce made its appearance.  The wine-based sauce lifted the dish to another high. His hands are much light on the spices which beautifully works for his plate. He believes that one needs to know the classics to get into contemporary.  Sea bass guazzetto, potato, olive, caper- absolutely light and taste to die for. 

Ending the meal on a sweet note was Cheese Panna Cotta, Vanilla, Citrus Zest, Red Berries – this Italian dessert resembling a custard or mousse was one of the fanciest to woo your taste buds but surely not to miss the Delizia Al Limone, a dish that makes it’s presence mostly in the Naples and the Sorrentine peninsula is basically a sponge cakes that is lemon cream and then brushed with Limoncello syrup and covered in a lemon and whipped cream glaze. 

For a meal like this I glad I dint have to fly to Italy yet taste one the best from there.