Mexican Company Creates World Record with Largest Marshmallow

What could be better than snuggling up in the winter with a mug of hot chocolate and a marshmallow? It's not winter and still we are discussing the soft, sugary delicacies that are a favourite of young and old alike, and they evoke warm feelings and pleasant flashbacks to happier times. Dulces Mazapán de la Rosa, a well-known candy manufacturer, has just invented a new, world-record-setting marshmallow. Marshmallows are light and fluffy treats that are typically flavoured with vanilla and manufactured from sugar and gelatin. Their texture is unique, falling somewhere between gooey and chewy. They make a great campfire snack or drinks and treats when toasted. Marshmallows are versatile treats that are used in a wide variety of sweets including s'mores and marshmallow fluff. 

Dulces de la Rosa S.A. de C.V. has created the world's largest marshmallow, weighing in at a whopping 648.4 kilograms (1,429 lb 8 oz). Marshmallows are loved by many people for their versatility and sweetness, whether they are eaten toasted, melted, or straight from the bag. Well with this one you may not be able to take them in your bag. In the beginning of this year, the confectionery manufacturer produced a marshmallow that weighed 648.4 kilograms. This accomplishment established the enormous confection as the largest marshmallow in the world. To put that in perspective, the weight of the marshmallow was greater than that of a Steinway D274 grand piano, which weighs only 480 kilograms (1,058 pounds). 

As per reports, the process of making the marshmallow involved 53 hours of work and 100 individuals. It was revealed at a ceremonial event marking 200 years since the founding of Jalisco State in Mexico. The world record for the largest marshmallow was confirmed in front of an audience at a makeshift factory that had been set up in Guadalajara's Plaza Fundadores, a bustling public square. 

The Guinness World of record shared a post on its Instagram and captioned “Largest marshmallow 😋 648.40 kg (1,429 lb 8oz) by Dulces de la Rosa S.A. de C.V. 🇲🇽 @dulcesdelarosadlr” 

The independent school in the United Kingdom known as Berkhamsted School previously held the record for making the largest marshmallow in the world. In October 2019, the school produced a marshmallow that weighed 93.1 kilograms. Dulces Mazapán de la Rosa has established a new record for the globe before, thus this is not her first time doing so. In 2018, the company was awarded the accolade of having made the largest peanut mazapán candy in Guadalajara, which earned them a place on the Guinness World Records list.