Try This Easy Method Of Testing The Eggs For Freshness
Image Credit: Egg Freshness

While purchasing, it must be kept in mind that the goods are always fresh. To check whether the product is too old or not, we look at the expiry date, which tells us when that item was made and how long it will not spoil. But some foods are difficult to test, and one of them is eggs. Do you know why? The eggs found in local shops do not have an expiry date and get spoiled after a particular time. So how to tell if the egg is fresh or not? Here's an easy way. 

Are eggs still edible after the expiry date?

Eggs that are not kept in the refrigerator have a life of seven to ten days, whereas the life of eggs kept in the fridge is thirty to forty-five days. This is the ideal life of eggs. 

How do you keep eggs in the fridge?

Eggs can last for five to six weeks if appropriately kept in the fridge. The best way to freeze them is to keep them in the carton; in this way, their temperature remains the same. If possible, keep the eggs at a uniform temperature, i.e. 21°C to 23°C in winters and 19°C to 21°C in the summers. Preserving eggs in the freezer reduces the risk of salmonella; in addition, this keeps the eggs fresh for a long time. 

The easiest way to check expired eggs 

To find an egg's freshness, you have to do a floating test. Do you know it is the best way to check the freshness of eggs without boiling them? Let us know how to take this test. 

  1. For this, fill cold water in a vessel and then put the eggs in it. If they lie straight on the shore and sink to the bottom, then they are fresh. 
  2. However, if the eggs sink into the water and stand up, the eggs are a few weeks old and are edible. 
  3. At the same time, if the eggs are floating on the water's surface, they are spoiled and should not be eaten. 

Can rotten eggs be used?

  • If the eggs are damaged, they can be used as a plant fertilizer, as they are rich in calcium and magnesium. 
  • You can apply such eggs on your hair; they are very beneficial, leave them on the hair for twenty minutes and then wash with water.