Meetha Dalia to Chilla, 7 Sweet Breakfasts to Start Your Day

Beginning your day with something sweet not only brings a little bit of indulgence, but also helps create a positive atmosphere for the rest of the day. Finding a balance is important, but adding sweet breakfasts to your daily routine can bring joy and create a sense of harmony in your mornings. Sweet breakfasts are an amazing way to begin your day, offering a wide variety of flavours and textures. You can enjoy traditional Indian favourites or explore global delights that will surely satisfy your taste buds. 

Meetha Dalia 

Meetha Dalia is a delicious and healthy choice that consists of cracked wheat cooked with milk, sugar, and flavorful spices. This sweet porridge is filled with fibre and essential nutrients. It doesn't just satisfy your craving for something sweet, but also gives you a steady release of energy, making it a great option for a filling and well-rounded breakfast. 

Meetha Chilla 

Meetha Chilla is a nice twist on the well-loved savoury pancake. It features a blend of ingredients such as flour, sugar, and cardamom, which come together to create a deliciously sweet flavour. You can easily customise this breakfast option with a variety of toppings, such as honey, nuts, or a spoonful of yoghurt. It's a quick and convenient choice for starting your day. The Meetha Chilla adds a lovely twist to your morning routine, combining the simplicity of a pancake with the sweetness that makes breakfast feel like a special treat. 


Halwa, in its different variations such as Sooji Halwa, Atta Halwa, and Besan Halwa, is a sweet addition to breakfast tables all over India. These halwas are made by cooking with ghee, sugar, and roasted semolina, wheat flour, or gramme flour respectively. They provide a delicious and indulgent way to begin your day. These delightful treats are made even more special with the addition of cardamom or saffron, which not only adds a touch of tradition but also satisfies your sweet tooth with their irresistible textures. 


Pancakes, which are loved by people all around the world for breakfast, can be made even more enjoyable by adding flavours such as vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate chips to the batter. When you add fresh fruits, maple syrup, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top, sweet pancakes become an amazing breakfast that feels indulgent while still being nutritious. 

Poha Jalebi 

In many parts of India, Poha Jalebi is a well-liked breakfast option that combines the delicate texture of flattened rice (poha) with the sugary goodness of deep-fried jalebi spirals. This fantastic combination of contrasting elements creates a perfect balance of textures and flavours, resulting in a unique and satisfying sweet breakfast choice. 

Puran Poli 

Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread that originates from Maharashtra. It is filled with a mixture of spices, jaggery, and chana dal. This breakfast dish captures the true flavour of Indian cuisine with its delicate, delicate crust that encases a sweet and fragrant centre. Add some regional elements into your morning ritual with Puran Poli.  

Jillapi Singara 

An irresistible varitythe traditional Bengali samosa with Jillapi Singara is a spiral of jalebi-like pastry filled with khoya (reduced milk) and almonds. Bengali cuisine is a beautiful example of the contrast between the flaky crust and syrupy sweetness. This delectable breakfast is a tribute to the elaborate delicacies of the region.