Image Credit: Image: Sanaea_Bubber

If you follow Priyanka Chopra on Instagram and never miss a single story or posts she shares, you might have stumbled upon a viral video by Sanaea Bubber – the woman recently impressed the global star with her song about Indian food. For the unversed, Sanaea is a singer who recently posted a video busting the myths and stereotypes about Indian cuisine. In an Instagram Reel, Sanaea who is currently in the UK, explains the diversity of Indian cuisine through a quirky song. Via her song she explains how Indian cuisine isn't just limited to curries, it also features the likes of idli dosa, paratha, samosa, dahi papdi chaat and bhaat. Have a look: 


The melodious song soon went viral and even caught the eye of the 'Dil Dhadakne Do Actor', who then went on to reshare it on her Instagram stories. "Was thinking of Indian food on set today and came across this! Preach girl! Also, now I'm hungry.", Priyanka wrote in her caption. And that was it. Sanaea’s video had close 1.2M views. 

“I read a comment saying Priyanka Chopra shared your reel and I didn’t believe it, thinking it is some fanpage. Then I saw Priyanka Chopra mentioned me in a story and stopped breathing for 30 seconds” Sanaea said in an exclusive chat with Slurrp. “It’s a wonderful feeling being recognised by a global icon that you’ve always looked up to,” she added. 

Sanaea is originally from Mumbai but is studying in the UK. She realised how Indian food is viewed with a certain lense out here because of how uninformed most of the people are. “I thought I’d enlighten some of my friends that called anda bhurji a curry!” 

Speaking about an underrated Indian dish, Half Parsi and half Sikh, Sanaea told us that the classic Parsi Dhansak is something that the world really needs to give its due credit to. But the Sardarni in her is ready to open a paratha and chai stall in the UK as a "plan B".  

With close to a strong 32k followers, Sanaea is excited to grow her social media reach in the coming times and hopes to release original music soon as she believes "unimaginable things can happen in the blink of an eye". Priyanka Chopra has surely left Sanaea motivated and we can’t wait for her next rendition.