Mauz Ka Meetha: Ever Tried This Hyderabadi Banana Pudding?
Image Credit: Shutterstock | Hyderabad is famous for a variety of sweet treats too

The Nizams ruled Deccan from 18th to 20th century, and Hyderabad became their capital. The city of Hyderabad became one of the biggest centers of art, architecture, culture and cuisine during the rule of Nizam. When talking about the Nizami cuisine, it is impossible to not talk of the Mughal influence. For the unversed. Nizam, shortened from Nizam-ul-Mulk, means Administrator of the Realm, which was the title inherited by Asaf Jah I (First Nizam). He was the former Naib (suzerain) of the Great Mughal in the Deccan, the premier courtier of Mughal India until 1724, when he founded the Nizam empire.  

While the Mughals brought their Central Asian culinary practices to India, the Nizams took it to further south, marrying it successfully with the local palate and preferences. Ever wondered why Hyderabadi Biryani is so much hotter than Awadhi Biryani? You have your answer now. Most of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are not fertile, hence vegetation is limited. Chillies and local spices are thus added in abundance to make a fiery feast to remember. But beyond the very spicy delicacies, Hyderabad also boasts of several sweet dishes that are criminally underrated to date. Like Qubani ka Meetha, an apricot-based pudding. A celebrated wedding treat in Hyderabad, Qubani ka Meetha has been around since the Mughal times, but it was in the rule of Nizam that it gained its star status. Another very typical Hyderabad dessert is the Moz or Mauz Ka Meetha.  

‘Mauz’ means bananas, so the star ingredient of this pudding is banana. The dessert is made with goodness of bananas, nuts, condensed milk, and ghee. The traditional Hyderabadi dessert is a festive favourite and mashed bananas and chunky bananas together enrich the overall texture of the dessert.  

To make the Mauz ka Meetha, bananas are first sliced and kept aside. The milk is allowed to boil in heavy bottom pan or kadhai. In the boiling milk, one can add the condensed milk. Simce condensed milk is already sweet, it lends an added decadence.  If you are making the dessert at home, you must also be mindful of the sugar you use, because condensed milk is already sweet. Once the milk is nicely boiled and reduced, you would see that it has thickened, at this point lower the heat and add the bananas. But before that saute your slivered almonds and pistachios in ghee . Continue with the boiling of bananas, once they soften, they will become even easier to mash. Add the nuts, let the pudding reach a thick but smooth consistency, stir occasionally on low heat. Once done, transfer and serve hot with garnishing of chopped nuts