Have Extra Wine In Hand? 5 Smart Ways To Use Leftover Wine
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Even the most ardent wine lover runs into leftover wine. Not only can this occur after gatherings, but occasionally we find ourselves with a bottle of wine that we are unable to finish. We can't easily give it to someone else because we normally discover this information after we've opened the bottle.

But what will you do as it is obviously too valuable to throw away? But that can be improved upon. In this article, we'll discuss five original methods you can prevent wine from going to waste.

The 5 Best Uses Of Leftover Wine:

Make Yourself A Marinade:

Adding tannins, acidity, and sugar to meat is the best method to make it tender, and guess what? All three of these elements are present in wine. For white meats like fish and chicken, use white wine. For best results, marinate them for roughly three to four hours. Use any red wine to marinate the red meat for five to six hours. For a delicious and appealing result, add your choice herbs and aromatics to the marinade.


This is one of the finest ways to use up leftover wine. Red wine can be used to make a red sangria, and white wine to make a white sangria. In addition to getting a wonderful cocktail that you'll be tempted to make frequently, it's an easy but efficient technique to ensure that your wine doesn't go to waste. Depending on how much wine is left, you may quickly prepare the necessary components for a sangria, including orange juice, orange liqueur, brandy, soda, ice, and lemon wedges, for a delicious drink prepared with your leftover wine.

Add Wine In The Gravies:

Although the gravy will lose the discernible wine flavour after cooking, it will gain richness and depth. However, if you add the wine only a few minutes before serving, the sauce will have a great wine flavour to complement the richer, deeper notes of the cooked veggies.

Homemade Vinegar:

Did you know that you could produce vinegar at home? It's fantastic for the condiment closet as well as for gifting a friend, and who doesn't like gifts, especially if they are homemade? Two cups of red or white wine, some water, and a liquid vinegar starter are all you need, and of course, a glass container is also required.

Freeze It:

There is also a solution if you would like to cook with your wine but won't have time soon. Wine leftovers can undoubtedly be frozen. Sparkling wine cannot be frozen or defrosted; however, you can do it with red, white, or any other type of wine you may have on hand. Just pour your wine into an ice cube tray. To allow for wine expansion in the freezer, leave about an inch of space at the top.