Master Chef Australia 2017 Winner Diana Chan Shares Three Of Her Exclusive Recipes
Image Credit: Master Chef Australia 2017 Winner Diana Chan/ Pic- Marriott Bonvoy

As part of an exclusive association with Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels, Marriott International’s acclaimed delivery program, Diana Chan has curated special dishes. This whole experience will be led and hosted by Master Chef Diana Chan and will be an interactional virtual session with members.

Khushnooma Kapadia, Senior Area Director of Marketing, South Asia, Marriott International, said, “With every new Marriott Bonvoy moment that is introduced, our focus has and will continue to be on providing an experiential edge to our members. MasterChef Diana Chan is someone many Indian chefs and food enthusiasts look up to and admire. We are happy to provide the platform to them so that they can interact with a stalwart like her. The experiences and menu have been carefully tailored keeping in mind the Indian palate but at the same time have been elevated to suit international expectations. We are looking forward to this exciting collaboration.”



Ingredients for Laksa Paste 

    Red onion – 200g 

    Garlic, peeled – 60g

    Long red chilies – 100g 

    Vegan fish sauce – 40g

    Candlenuts – 40g

    Dried red chilies- 40g

    Ginger – 40 g

    Turmeric – 20g 

    Galangal – 40g 

    Lemongrass, frozen or fresh – 60g

    Ground coriander – 20g 

    Vegetable Oil – 100 ml 

Method for Laksa Paste

    Place all the ingredients into a high speed blender and blend into a smooth paste. Paste can be made weeks in advance

    Preparation time is 30 minutes 

For Laksa Broth 

    Vegetable Stock – 2000 ltr 

    Coconut Milk – 600 ml 

    Coconut Oil for frying – 300 ml

    Sugar – 100g 

    Salt – 40g 

Method for Preparing Laksa Broth 

    Heat the oil in a large pot and fry the laksa paste. Cook for 5-7 mins until the colour has changed from bright red to a deep red brown colour.

    Add in the vegetable stock, coconut milk and season with sugar and salt. Simmer for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to develop.

    Whilst the broth is simmering, bring another pot of water to a boil. Blanch the noodles, beansprouts, tofu puffs and fish balls to warm through. Set aside. Add in the prawns at this stage. 

    Preparation Time is 1 hour 

Ingredients for Sambal Tumis 

    Dried chillies, deseeded and rehydrated – 50g 

    Red onion – 100g 

    Sugar – 100g 

    Vegetable oil – 50g 


    Place the softened dried chilies and red onion in the blender and blend until smooth. Add a little bit of water if needed.

    Heat the oil in a wok or pan and fry the chili and onion paste until fragrant. This should take 3-5 minutes. Add in the sugar and allow caramelizing. Add in a pinch of salt to taste.

    Preparation time is 1 hour 

To Serve Non-Vegetarian 

    500g fresh laksa noodles (thick rice vermicelli)

    5 boiled eggs, peeled and halved

    10 large prawns, peeled and deveined

    200g cooked and shredded chicken meat

    10 pieces fried bean curd puffs

    100g bean sprouts, blanched

    12 fried fish balls (optional)

To Serve Vegetarian

    500g fresh laksa noodles (thick rice vermicelli)

    10 pieces fried bean curd puffs

    100g bean sprouts, blanched

    Substitute for another vegetable - broccoli or bok choy

To garnish, one can use :

    Vietnamese Mint, chopped

    Fresh Mint leaves, chopped 

    Lime, to serve 

    Sambal Tumis, to serve