Masala Onion Salad: A Delicious Addition To your Meals
Image Credit: Onion Salad

A juicy, finely chopped onion with masala and lemon juice is the king of all Indian salads. Slurp! They go well with everything from butter chicken and naan to ‘ghar wale’ rajma rice. In addition to elevating the taste of any cuisine, onion salads are packed with nutrients as well. Onions are a great source of fibre and prebiotics, especially non-digestible ones. It keeps your digestion in good shape with the help of onions.

Onions are usually chopped into fine onion rings for onion salad, but this recipe gives you a completely different experience. The flavour of grilled onions combined with mustard oil and lemon juice set it apart from regular salads. You can also serve it to guests while they are having a good time eating food at your place. You will definitely get some compliments on this recipe.

Here’s the recipe for Masala Onion Salad.

Preparation time: 8-10 mins

Cook time: 8-10 mins

Servings: 2-3


    6 onions 

    3 tbsp mustard oil 

    ½ tsp Chopped garlic  

    1 tbsp Black salt 

    Salt according to your prefered taste 

    1 tbsp Red chilli powder 

    ¾ tbsp Chaat masala 

    3 tbsp Lemon juice 

    A handful of chopped spring onions 


    First of all, put a pan on the burner and wait till it gets hot.

    Now, split the onions in half and make sure not to remove the upper skin of the onions.

    Now, place them on a heated pan with their flat side facing down and grill them on a low flame.

    Once the onions are grilled properly, turn them and grill the other side a little bit just for the colour.

    After that, put them in an empty bowl and put a lid on it so that the onions get soft by the heat.

    Now take the mustard oil in a container and add chopped garlic, black salt, red chilli powder, chaat masala and lemon juice to it.

    Now quickly blend it until the dressing seems to be well mixed.

    Now take the onions and cut its head and tail. 

    Remove the upper layer, separate the shallows of the onions and place them on a plate.

    Now, take the dressing and stir it a bit before adding it to the onions.

    After that, put the fine-chopped spring onions on the salad for garnishing and gently mix it.

    Put the masala onion salad on a platter and serve it with the meal.