Masaba Gupta's Summer Treat Is Just What You Need To Beat The Heat
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta has become one of our favourite foodies from B-Town. Her gastronomic adventures are making Kareena Kapoor hungry, besides giving us food goals. Remember Kareena and Masaba bonding over Mathris recently? Masaba is undoubtedly a hardcore foodie, but the fashion designer doesn’t let it come in between her healthy eating habits. She is a stern believer of the magic homecooked food has, and we can often find her sharing the bliss of simple 'ghar ka khana', on Instagram. And not just homecooked, Masaba seems to blend according to season too. Now that the blazing summer sun is out and we are already facing the wrath of scorching heat, it seems like Masaba has the perfect solution to combat the weather.  

Masaba Gupta often takes to Instagram to share glimpses of her food shenanigans with her more than 1m followers, and this time she couldn't help but let us into her refreshing summer treat. The ace designer relished a mouth-watering frozen dessert usually enjoyed to beat the heat. She shared a picture of her delicious flavoured popsicle or ice pops and, now, we are drooling. The half-eaten snack proves that she couldn't wait for the photo to indulge in her treat. Take a look: 

Refreshing, isn’t it? Masaba wrote, “The day is done” alongside the picture. Popsicles are usually liquid-based frozen snacks that come with sticks, unlike regular ice-creams. Looking at the picture, we are guessing she enjoyed a raspberry flavour, and we are drooling.  

Aside from the many flavours, the best thing about ice pops is how easy they are to make. All you need is fruit juice, a box of disposable paper cups, and some wooden sticks to kickstart. From mango, watermelon, to lychee, one can experiment with so much.  

Coming back to Masaba Gupta – the foodie, she recently shared a video of her delicious, sweet and spicy breakfast on Instagram – a “hot honey spicy pav” with avocados and lettuce along with an oatmeal pav. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Much before that, Masaba experimented with a mathri, which she decided to pair with some guacamole - an avocado-based dip or spread. # 

We are in love with Masaba’s food adventures and can’t wait to see more of it. What do you think?