Masaba Gupta’s Struggle To Make ‘Serious’ Dinner Decisions Is Too Relatable; 3 Indian Recipes That Come In Handy
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, The struggle of Masaba Gupta is hilarious and relatable at the same time.

With an Instagram following of over 1.6 million, Masaba Gupta is a quite a sensation in the fashion world. Dressing up some of the most prestigious and renowned personalities from the entertainment industry, the designer has won many accolades for her tremendous work. With her own fashion line, House of Masaba and a reality-fiction show to her name on Netflix, the designer transformed into an actress to narrate her own story. Several times in the past, Masaba has shown us the foodie to her, be it her spicy avocado pav recipe or her frozen popsicle treat for summer. 

The ace designer has managed to woo us all, not just with her beautiful and creative designs but her foodie instincts too. Recently, we found her struggling with an everyday food situation. She shared a screenshot of her Whatsapp chat with her cook. Her Instagram story reads a message from her cook saying, “Madam aaj dinner mein kya banao” (ma’am what should I make for dinner tonight?”). She goes on to respond to this text via her Instagram story and expressing how it is harder to answer this question everyday at 4:30 pm than “to launch a new brand”. Here’s a glimpse of the conversation. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Story/Masaba Gupta

This is the classic North Indian dinner recipe. Also known as dal tadka, this lentil dish is best eaten with a bowl of rice. Moong and masoor dal are mixed together for this hot preparation and it is garnished with a sizzling tadka of garlic, tomatoes, onions and curry leaves.