Masaba Gupta’s Breakfast Reveals Her Love For Eggs & Potatoes

Masaba Gupta's social media posts reveal that she is a true foodie. The 34-year-old fashion designer and entrepreneur frequently posts her indulgent and healthy treats on her social media. Among all meals, her breakfast choices receive a lot of love. Lately Masaba has been giving a sneak peek of morning meals which included dishes like Spanish frittata, moong dal chillas, bajra chillas, boiled eggs and uttapam.  

In her most recent Instagram story, she expressed her love for potatoes. Masaba uploaded a photo with a caption “Aloo is life” that featured a plate consisting of two sunny side up eggs and crispy potato wedges tossed with herbs, the yummy dish was sprinkled with loads of seasonings including oregano and chilli flakes. Though she has confessed her love for aloo, eggs are also an integral part of Masaba’s breakfast. The celebrated fashion designer enjoys dishes such as omelette, boiled eggs, frittata and bhurji frequently. However, there are many other innovative dishes you can create for breakfast with eggs. 

Baked Avocado Eggs  

This brilliant dish is prepared with the goodness of avocado and eggs. All you have to do is remove the seed from the fruit and grease the cavity with olive oil. Crack an egg into it and season it with your favourite ingredients like oregano and black pepper. Finally, bake the avocado for a few minutes and enjoy. 

Egg Pockets  

This filling breakfast is made with scrambled eggs, milk, butter, ham, cheddar cheese and crescent rolls. Easy to prepare, it is ideal for weekend brunch as well. You can also replace the ham in the recipe with crispy bacon. This fancy and delicious breakfast dish is best served with a dipping sauce. 

Deviled Eggs  

Deviled eggs are very popular during holidays, potlucks and other gatherings in Europe, North America and Australia. This soft and creamy dish is made with a few simple ingredients like hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper. To prepare it the yolks of hard-boiled eggs are mashed with mayonnaise and seasonings and stuffed back into whites.  

Egg Muffins 

This easy delight is a great make-ahead breakfast for busy weekdays. Packed with delicious ingredients like spinach, cheese, bacon, eggs and potato, egg muffins are an interesting twist on your regular scrambled eggs. These baked treats can be stored for up to five days in the refrigerator.