Masaba Gupta Is All About This Sweet And Salty Treat
Image Credit: Source: screengrab of Masaba Gupta's Instagram post

Out of all the food content we come across on Instagram every single day, the stories involving our favourite celebrities have to be our favourites. We all gush over their fitness regimes and it’s a different inspiration when we come across their food posts on their social media handles. And let’s admit this, more than their diet food, we all get excited when we see them cheating on their stringent diets with their favourite foods.

One such celebrity whom we all consider to be our inspiration when it comes to fitness is the celebrity designer Masaba Gupta. The popular designer has caught the attention of the entire world due to her phenomenal achievements in the fashion industry. Moreover, she has been open about her struggles with weight gain and PCOD on her Instagram handle. Masaba Gupta has caught her fan’s attention by doing multiple ‘Ask me anything’ stories and answering queries related to her diet and fitness regime. Apart from them, she often takes to her Instagram handle to share about her favourite foods to gorge on. Recently, she has taken to her Instagram handle to post about her obsession with a sweet and salty delight that most dessert lovers drool over. Take a look:

In this photo series, Masaba Gupta is seen gushing over a plate of salted caramel croissants. She posted the pictures with the caption- “Photo dump of a love story. The category is Salted Caramel Croissant. Swipe right (sic)”. The post has caught the attention of most celebrities and their comments on the post are too funny and interesting to miss. Take a look at them:

Rytasha Rathore commented- “Dat second last pic tho #tooreal 😂”

Social media content creator and actor Kusha Kapila said- “Invested in this love story”

Mira Kapoor has commented- “Second last… lasted more than a few seconds 😜”

Another funny comment has caught our attention too- “5th picture is proof that food can do what men can’t 🤪”

Aren’t these pictures too drool-worthy to miss? Ah, we know. In case you are craving some buttery, flaky and delicious croissants right now, you can go to our site and try all the decadent croissant recipes we have in store for you.