Masaba Gupta Gives A Spicy Spin To Her Pao Recipe, Tried It Yet?
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, This spicy pao recipe by Masaba Gupta packs a punch of flavour.

 We all recall Masaba Gupta from her fashion label, House of Masaba nd gorgeous designs that are worn by some of the famous celebrities in the industry. Do you also recall her from the show Masaba Masaba which was based on her life? Well, that seems like another feather in the cap of this multi-talented lady. Oh wait, there’s more. Is there any chance you also saw her nacho snack that she shared some time? Seems like there is a foodie in the house too. A daughter of the well-known actress of the 80s, Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta has managed to woo us over with her cooking skills yet again. 

Living in Mumbai for a long stretch of time makes you used to the culture and food of the place. When someone like Kunal Kemmu who’s of Kashmiri Pandit origin, can express his love for the samosa pao combination, we don’t see any reason why Masaba Gupta shouldn’t? The actress cum fashion designer took to her Instagram to share a quick recipe of her avocado pao with a spicy twist. She calls it the best breakfast one can ask for and it is surely “bursting with flavours” like she mentions in her caption. 

She begins with tossing a buttered oatmeal pao on a pan. Once that is done, we see some sliced avocados in sight. She tops the pao with lettuce and the avocados. Then she sprinkles some Himalayan pink salt over it along with some garlic powder. Finally comes her spicy kick to the pao when she drizzles a hot honey sauce over the dish. Now that’s what we call a really punchy breakfast, isn’t it? 

This looks absolutely delicious and is super healthy too. Avocados are known to be a great source of potassium and mono saturated fats. These good fats enable a better immune system whereas the fibre present in avocados is good for digestion. It keeps you full for longer and the avocados keep your stomach cool in summers. Himalayan pink salt or rock salt is a blood sugar regulariser along with providing your body the optimal balance of fluids and preventing dehydration. Honey, of course, is a natural sweetener and this hot honey is a great variety. 

Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram