Mango, Watermelon And More: 6 Breakfast Smoothies For Summer

Even while summer is hot, it also provides the ripest fruits, which are ideal for making smoothies. On a scorching summer morning, nothing beats a cool drink to quench your thirst and restore more fluids to your body. Nutrition, though, is essential. Nutrients, substance, and a burst of freshness are all yours with a smoothie. You may prepare delicious smoothies using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients by taking advantage of the abundance of seasonal fruits that are readily available at farmers markets. Incorporate your preferred milk or yoghurt into a summer smoothie recipe and top it up with any fruit of the season. To keep it cool and delicious, pour it into a stainless-steel tumbler. This summer, try one of these smoothie recipes as a refreshing way to start your day. 

Mango and Banana Smoothie 

Summer is when mangoes are at their peak freshness and juiciness. Remove the seeds from a few juicy mangoes you picked up at the market. Toss the mangoes into a blender after cutting them into bits. Throw in some chopped banana and some almond milk. This tasty smoothie will be perfectly sweet without the use of any artificial sweeteners. You can take your smoothie with you wherever you go if you store it in a stainless tumbler. 

Mixed Fruit and Oats Smoothie 

For a quick morning meal, nothing beats a smoothie. Mangoes, watermelon, muskmelon, berries, and plums are all in season throughout the summer months. Incorporate a handful of oats and chop a few of these fresh fruits into the blender. Put in a little milk of your preference and mix till combined. For a deliciously sweet morning snack, pour the smoothie into a glass and sip. 

Watermelon Smoothie 

Watermelon chunks, milk, and crushed ice are the only ingredients required to prepare a refreshing watermelon smoothie. Another option is to freeze the watermelon pieces without the ice. Yoghurt and coconut water are great substitutes for milk if you want. Throughout the summer, nothing beats a watermelon smoothie with a mint leaf garnish. A simpler version of this smoothie with only coconut water, ice, and soda would also be delicious. If you want it pulpier, though, add more watermelon pieces.  

Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothies like this one are perfect for pineapple fans. Making this recipe couldn't be easier. The only ingredients are pineapple chunks, milk, and ice. Blend until smooth. If you find that the pineapple does not have enough sugar or honey flavour, you may always add pineapple syrup. You may thicken the smoothie by adding extra fruits, such as mangoes and bananas. 

Green Smoothie with Honey 

You may add whatever you want to a smoothie, not just fruits. For an extra savoury twist, try adding some green leafy veggies to the smoothie. Toss in some greens—spinach, lettuce, or even beetroot greens—if you want. Fruits such as bananas, pineapples, lemons, and mangoes can be added to make it sugar-free. Make the smoothie thicker by substituting yoghurt for the milk. Enjoy it in the morning after your workout. 

Chocolate and Banana Smoothie 

For some reason, this smoothie has a sweet aftertaste. Even the most devoted chocoholic will give in to this temptation. Grind some chocolate by breaking it into bits and throwing it in the blender. Milk chocolate works well for this, and it will not require any more sugar. Mince a few ripe bananas. If you want your smoothie to be less starchy, don't use bananas that are really ripe or even slightly underripe. Serve this delicious smoothie in a cup and enjoy the chocolaty pleasure! Garnish with almonds, pecans, or coconut shavings if you choose.