8 Traditional Jharkhandi Delicacies That Define Its Cuisine
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A sneak peek at the delicious culinary masterpieces is one of the finest ways to explore the diversity of India, a country renowned for its colourful cultures and customs. Every state has a speciality, ranging from methods to flavours and spices. Similarly, epicures interested in sampling unusual cuisine are drawn to Jharkhand, the country of mouthwatering delicacies, particularly with its assortment of pickles and chutneys. Here, mustard oil and seeds are prominently displayed, and a variety of blended puris win over the hearts of foodies who are sampling local specialities for the first time. So without further ado, let's explore Jharkhand's most well-known dishes from their cuisine.

Litti Chokha

In the state of Jharkhand, there is a large religious population. As a result, vegetarian food now dominates the cuisine. Many of the dishes in this state have a Bihari influence because it is near to Bihar and also being a part of it before. The people of the State love litti, a particularly well-known dish. It is consumed with papad, Alu Bharta, Baigan Bharta (Chokha), or yoghurt.


Malpua is a traditional Ranchi sweet delicacy made with ripe bananas, condensed milk, and flour. After that, the mixture is deep-fried to create medium-sized pancakes. Ranchi offers a variety of Malpua flavours, including pineapple and mango. Malpua is dipped into the sugar syrup to make it sweeter.


A delightful beverage from the area, handia requires nearly a week to create. In actuality, the handia is a fermented rice beer, made from rice that has been cooked with over twenty herbs. It is produced particularly for special events, like the paddy harvesting celebration Karma Puja. The Munda and Santhal tribes regard it as a holy beverage as well.


The residents' favourite deep-fried food is called dhuska. It is prepared by combining gram flour and pounded rice with spices, then deep-frying the mixture until it turns golden and crispy. Dhuska, a popular snack that embodies the delectable simplicity of Jharkhand's cuisine, is best served with chutney or curd.


Pithas are a popular rice-flour dumpling that is cherished for its flavourful and versatile taste in Jharkhand. These dumplings, which come in both sweet and savoury varieties, are a mainstay during festivals and festivities. Sweet varieties are packed with jaggery, coconut, or lentil paste; savoury ones contain spicy components including meat, vegetables, or lentil paste. Pithas showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Chilka Roti

Rice is the main food of Jharkhand, an eastern Indian state that was formerly a part of Bihar until 2000. The majority of traditional foods in Jharkhand are made from rice and besan flour. Although it has a distinct taste, Chilka Roti is produced from rice flour, chana dal, and urad dal. It is similar to dosa served in South India. Oal ki sabzi, or mutton curry, is served with this. In Jharkhand, chilka roti is a typical evening dish.


This mouthwatering meal, which is a staple of the Prasad at the renowned Chhat puja, is adored throughout India. The aroma of this Bihar-inspired meal cooked in ghee will tantalise your appetite for delicious food. A tasty evening snack consisting of sugar or jaggery syrup, wheat flour, and fennel seeds. You will never tired of this delicious Jharkhand delicacy.

Til Barfi

It is one of those delicious treats that is exclusively made during Makar Sankranti. Jharkhand is quite proud of Til Barfi, one of its most delicious and nutritious specialities. The villagers cook it on other occasions as well since they love it so much. You won't be able to resist this delicious treat after you've had a taste.