Making Paneer Tonight? Try These 7 Recipes For Late-Night Dinner
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Paneer is one of the most well-liked proteins in India and it is often served as a vegetarian counterpart for meat and nonvegetarian recipes. As seen in most Indian households, the appearance of paneer amidst all the dishes tells us that there must be something special about the occasion. Sure, eating paneer sure doesn't require a special occasion; it makes the meal special just by its presence on the table.

Whether it's an auspicious day or a religious festival, paneer recipes glisten on the table with their most obvious and delicious pairings—flourish puris, crispy parathas or soft phulkas. Even when made with rice as a pulav or a side dish like paneer 65 or paneer pakora, the word paneer associated with the recipe instantly makes it everyone’s first preference to begin the dinner.

If you are hosting a late-night house party or want to cook something special but easy for your family, paneer can help you do that. Try out these recipes and make tonight's dinner special.

7 Paneer Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

1) Paneer Matar Gravy

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Paneer gets a supportive protein partner with the addition of matar. The creamy texture of paneer melds with the grassy nodes of matar, giving a bite to the recipe. Include all the spices in your spicebox and don't forget to add cashew puree to make it creamy.

2) Paneer Masala

Simple paneer masala is a go-to recipe when things aren't planned beforehand. With the rich and spicy gravy, this recipe brings the flavours of Indian dhaba to the table. The simple tomato, garlic, onion and ginger paste make all the bases for gravy and volume comes with the addition of spices.

3) Paneer Ghotala

For those craving street-style delicacies, paneer ghotala is a must-have. This recipe features shredded paneer cooked in a generously spiced gravy and is often served with masala pav bread. Garnished with freshly chopped onions, this is a go-to meal when you need something delicious instantly.

4) Paneer Butter Masala

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The classic paneer butter masala cannot go without a mention. As the butter sticks melt and brown the ingredients while they are sautéing, you can smell a beautiful buttery aroma. The gravy turns out rich and creamy and heavy cream tops the dish to make it more indulgent.

5) Paneer 65 Dry Gravy

You’ve heard of paneer 65 as a side dish. Well, during times of necessity, it can also be a gravy recipe to pair with phulka or paratha. Crispy cubes of paneer simmered in a deliciously spicy gravy maintain their crispness to make every bite an indulging joy.

6) Kadai Paneer

Dhaba-style kadai paneer never fails to impress. Whether you like it dry or slathered in gravy, it tastes delicious in every single way. The star flavouring ingredient in this recipe is the kadai masala, made from a blend of coriander seeds, red chillies, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and fennel. This masala is slightly different from garam masala and gives the recipe a delightful touch.

7) Paneer Malai Kofta

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When paneer gravies all seem old-school, you can give them a twist with a simple kofta recipe. Grated paneer converted into balls, coated with batter and fried to golden crispy perfection can itself be a starter or go in a luscious gravy to become the main dish.

Paneer can be anything you like. It can be a starter at first but eventually you can convert it to gravy as well. With lots of options to try, you can make a crowd-pleasing recipe even during last-minute preparation.