Making Coffee Lovers Dream Come True With Coffee Jelly
Image Credit: (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Coffee Jelly has got sugary sweetness and that bitterness from coffee, all packed into a little cube of chewy goodness. The coffee jelly has been a delicacy in Britain since the early nineteenth century, but J-culture took it up recently and brought a whole new twist to it. The jelly is served accompanied with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. This is for those days when plain ol’ coffee is just not cutting it and you need a little extra pick me up. You can totally buy an instant mixture from your grocery store, but the homemade is always much better. 

You’ll Need

  • 7 g or one packet of unflavoured gelatine 

  • 2 cups of brewed coffee or 4 tsp of instant coffee in two cups of water 

  • 2 tbsp of hot water 

  • 3 tbsp of white sugar 

  • Instructions 

    • Pour the gelatine into the hot water and whisk it till it dissolves. 

  • Add the gelatine mixture to a saucepan over medium heat. 

  • Follow by adding the brewed coffee, sugar and stir constantly until thoroughly combined. 

  • Bring off the heat and let it come to room temperature and allow it to rest in a baking dish in the fridge. 

  • Let it set for at least two hours, before slicing into cubes and serving in some glasses. The best part about making it at home is you can cut yourself as big a piece as you like.

  • Top with some whipped cream and garnish with chocolate shavings, a dusting of ground cinnamon, or sifted unsweetened cocoa powder.

  • You can also serve in a glass of cold milk.

  • Pro Tip- If you are looking to make this a little more decadent, pour the jelly in an ice cube tray two-thirds of the way. And once it’s set, fill the rest of it with sweetened cream and refrigerate. This makes a coffee-cream swirl jelly.