Making Caramel At Home? Be Wary Of These Mistakes

We all enjoy eating caramel sauce and some of us even love to make it at home. But are you doing it the right way? Be it vanilla ice cream, pancakes or popcorn, a generous helping of caramel sauce is always welcome. The golden, luxurious sauce is one of the most popular sweet add-ons in the world. If you ask me, I can gobble up an entire jar of caramel sauce all by myself. Although the sauce is quite appealing, delectable and universally admired, making caramel sauce is still a nightmare for most home cooks. Guess what, you too might be making these common mistakes.

1. Using The Wrong Pan

You can’t make a perfect caramel sauce in a thin or flimsy pot. Using a thin pot or pan to make caramel sauce can heat the sugar around the edges too quickly. This will lead to uneven cooking, so go for a heavy-bottomed pan instead.

2. Choosing The Wrong Sugar

We are often tempted to use the fancy varieties of sugar available in the market while making caramel sauce. However, trust us when we say that granulated white sugar is the perfect option for you when trying to make a perfectly golden caramel sauce.

3. Overheating The Mixture

Be careful when you heat the caramel mixture. Start with a low heat setting when you are reheating the caramel mixture or else you might end up with a burnt flavour.

4. Adding All The Sugar At Once

If your caramel sauce doesn’t liquefy uniformly, you might be committing this mistake. Dumping all the sugar at once will lead to a clumpy sugary mess. Add one serving of the sugar to the pan once and wait for it to attain a golden colour. Add the second serving and swirl the pan to incorporate the mixture.

5. Fearing The Dark Colour

We often mistake a dark caramel with burnt caramel. But remember that the darker the colour of the caramel, the tastier it is. We understand that making caramel sauce isn’t an easy task and you’re highly tempted to remove the pan from the heat in the fear of getting a burnt caramel, but the dark colour will result in a better taste.

Which one of these mistakes do you commit while making caramel sauce? Do let us know.