Making Appe for Breakfast? Follow These Tips To Perfect It

Breakfast, the first chapter of your day, deserves a delicious and fulfilling start. If you're a fan of the versatile and delightful South Indian dish, Appe, this guide is your key to achieving breakfast perfection. Appe, also known as Paniyaram, is not only a taste sensation but also a wholesome and versatile morning delight that can kickstart your day on a flavourful note. 

For those looking for a change from the usual morning fare, Appe, with its crispy exteriors and fluffy insides, is a favourite. These little, spherical dumplings have a distinct flavour and texture thanks to their fermented batter, which is typically a combination of rice and urad dal. Whether you're a seasoned expert at making Appes or just starting out, here are seven ways to make sure you have mouth-watering, expertly cooked Appes every morning. 

Choose the Right Batter Consistency 

Any outstanding Appe relies on the batter as its main component. The most important thing is to get the consistency just right. The batter should have the consistency of pancake batter and be well-fermented. Making sure the Appes are the correct consistency before cooking ensures that they will cook evenly, get the ideal crunchiness on the surface, and keep their soft, fluffy centre. 

A Dash of Tanginess 

A little of acidity will do wonders for your Appe batter's flavour. Ferment the batter for a long enough time to add a hint of sourness. Not only does it improve the flavour, but it also helps break down the food more easily, making it a better option for breakfast. 

Add a Twist with Different Flours 

Although rice and urad dal are staples in traditional Appe batter, feel free to try out other flours for healthier options and to add your own flavour. You can make your own unique blend by adding different types of flour, such as millet, besan (chickpea flour), or whole wheat flour. This will provide diversity to your breakfast while also improving its nutritious worth. 


All the magic happens in the tempering, known as tadka. To adjust the taste, toss in some curry leaves, chopped green chilies, grated ginger, mustard seeds, and heated oil. Incorporate the spices into the batter after they have released their fragrances. This step imparts a burst of flavors that elevates your Appes to a whole new level. 

Non-Stick Appe Pan  

To avoid sticking and for uniformly cooked dumplings, get a high-quality non-stick Appe pan. While ensuring even cooking, the shallow, circular moulds in the pan give Appes their signature round shape. You may make healthier breakfast options with a well-maintained non-stick pan by reducing the amount of oil you use. 

Heat Control 

Achieving the perfect texture for your Appes requires mastering the flame control. Start with a medium flame to allow the dumplings to cook through without burning the outer layer. Adjust the flame as needed, ensuring a gradual and even browning for a delightful visual appeal and taste. 

Experiment with Fillings 

Experimenting with various fillings may improve your Appe experience. The combinations are practically limitless, ranging from the traditional shredded coconut and chopped coriander to a fiery blend of green chiles and onions. In addition to improving the flavour, fillings make each bite an exciting adventure.