Makhan Malai: Lucknow’s Creamy Dessert That Screams Indulgence
Image Credit: Source: Sanumon MP/Facebook

We know that you have already been transported to the lanes of Lucknow filled with Nalli Nihari, Kulcha and Kababs. Even when we talk about desserts of Lucknow, Sheermal and Kulfi are the first things to cross your minds. But are you aware of the hidden treasure of Lucknow? The creamy, silky, and sweet delight is regionally known as Makhan Malai. Quite famous in the streets of Lucknow, Makhan Malai is made with light and foamy cream, topped with fresh mawa, a generous sprinkle of sugar, a dash of saffron, pistachios, and almonds. The dish is served to Lord Krishna as a Prasad too. Makhan Malai is exclusively prepared and sold in winters as it requires the right temperature to set and attain the right texture. 

Various stories are revolving around the origin of this creamy delight. A legend has it that the dish was first prepared by the Khaansamas of Sadaat Ali Khan. The emperor ordered the royal cooks to prepare something exotic for Prince Murad Baksh and they made Makhan Malai. Another legend has it that this dish was first made in Kanpur during the making of Shahjahanabad. Princess Jahanara got the taste of it while local delicacies were brought to feed the workers and made it a must-have during winters in Chandni Chowk resort. Some even believe that the famous Daulat Ki Chaat is an adaptation of the same dish. 

While savouring Makhan Malai is an absolute delight, making it can be a tough task to nail. Milk is boiled and cooled down several times with the addition of new ingredients at every stage to attain the right texture. The final stage of Makhan Malai involves simmering it down overnight to allow the flavours to intermingle perfectly to get the authentic delicious flavours. 

Makhan Malai is a celebration of delicious flavours and interesting textures coming through with every single bite. This sweet-savoury-nutty delight demands a hearty savouring. So, the next time you visit Uttar Pradesh, don’t forget to explore the lanes to taste this scrumptious creamy dessert.