Make Your Parathas More Interesting And Yummy With These Different Fillings
Image Credit: Image source: Unsplash

Parathas are what make us wait for cheat days so impatiently. Whether with butter or chhole, parathas taste yummy with almost anything. Yet the best ones, with our attached feelings, are those having fillings and served with dahi or achaar. Stuffed with aloo or gobhi, parathas are a perfect mood enhancer. So, why not try different fillings each time? Here are some simple stuffing ideas for your parathas that you should try.

Palak ka paratha

Palak ka paratha is a healthier option compared to the ones filled with potatoes and spices and is definitely yummiest when served with aam ka achar.

Mooli ka paratha

You can't afford to miss this mouthwatering option from Punjab. Radish being easily available in markets and recipe being simple, you should go for it with extra butter and excitement.

Matar ka paratha

Matar (green peas) and spices inside your paratha will make you ask for more and more. You can prepare this for special occasions and family get together and we bet they'll become fans.

Pyaaz ka paratha

Onions alone can bring magic to your plate. This one ingredient has a powerful flavour and with spices and some achar, dahi or chole, your parathas will taste absolutely awesome. Use the onions in stuffing or mix them in the dough, both will work.

Egg paratha

Like eggs? Put them in your parathas to make a great and heavy Sunday meal. You can choose to put eggs over paratha in the pan as you do in omelettes or egg rolls.

Choose and experiment with these options and have happy cheat days.