Make Your Heart Ache Out Of Sheer Happiness With These 5 Delicious Cupcakes
Image Credit: Photo by Ibrahim Boran from Pexels

Cupcakes are just another type of bakery item that leaves one wanting more with just a simple soft bite of it. This adorable little dessert/ treat is beautifully designed to serve mainly a single person, making it so unique. Being irresistible treats, cupcakes are baking delights that will lead you on to a creamy-dreamy adventure.

1. Biscoff cupcake

Biscoff is a newly emerged caramelised biscuit that uses natural flavours and ingredients. It’s very delicate and melts right after a bite in our mouth. These cupcakes are made by grinding or finely crushing the biscoff biscuits into a crunchy-like powder mixed in a chocolate batter or vanilla, which is used as a base. Biscoff biscuits are also topped with a biscuit and silky smooth toppings.

2. Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcakes are very soft, spongy, sweet and bright red, contrasting with other cupcakes. Layered with a cream cheese filling with a subtle cocoa flavour and light texture are made and served in such a way that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. But, of course, nothing makes it more perfect than the frosting on top of them.

3. Baileys Cupcakes

Bailey's cupcakes are super moist. Baileys is an Irish cream-based liquor. These cupcakes are made with a far superior twist-filled by adding baileys into the batter that is usually just chocolate made. So end your weekend with some baileys cupcakes to eat all by yourself. Not to forget, these cupcakes are topped with smooth, delicious Baileys buttercream too!

4. Caramel filled cupcakes

These cupcakes taste and look like they belong from heaven. Overloaded with caramel and vanilla mixture, topped with salted caramel buttercream is like a dream come true. The tenderness, smoothness and glossy dripping caramel make even the adults drool all over them.

5.Double Chocolate cupcakes

Last but not least. If you don’t include chocolate in your cupcakes list, then it’s empty and unsatisfying. These cupcakes are filled with melted chocolate and are topped with milky cream and chocolate granules.

We guarantee you won't be able to eat just one.