Make This Traditional Evening Snack From Kerala

Kerala is referred to as "God's own country" for all the right reasons, from its beautiful landscapes to its picturesque beaches and islands. Kerala is one of the best places to visit in India and will get you closer to nature than any other location. Beyond its natural beauty, it is renowned for its gastronomic offerings, which draw a variety of foodies from around the world. Offering mouthwatering snacks like the classic banana bonda, chips, pappada vada, and more, there is an endless range of snacks to savour in the evening with a cup of calming tea. And how can we forget filter coffee? Choosing a quick, homemade snack versus greasy fast food is always preferable. 

Choosing a quick, homemade snack versus greasy fast food is always preferable. A portion of tasty and wholesome food that might be presented to kids as an evening snack is flattened rice cooked with plantains. It would be a great brain meal if a small number of sesame seeds are also included. Check out this dish for a snack of flattened rice and plantains. 


1 cup of flattened or aval rice 

2 bananas 

1 cup coconut, grated 

1/2 cup jaggery 

1 tbsp ghee 

10 g of sesame seeds 

12 tsp cardamom powder 


Jaggery is melted in 1/4 cup of water. Jaggery syrup should be strained and set aside. In a pot with a thick bottom, toast the flattened rice. Place the bowl with the flattened rice after toasting. In the same container, melt ghee. 

Cashews should be fried and set aside. The cleaned sesame seeds are now roasted. When the sesame seeds start to pop, add the slices of plantain. Cook for two minutes with the lid closed. Add the jaggery syrup to it. Add the coconut grated, toasted flattened rice, and cardamom powder. Mix thoroughly, then off the flame. Add the fried cashews last, then plate. 

Snack time is something we all look forward to, We suppose, nothing compares to the satisfaction of snacking on crispy, spicy, and flavorful foods, and it's even better if they're homemade. We're not only talking about dosas, idlis, and vadas when we say that there are many regional specialties from South Indian cuisine that may utterly blow you away and make snack time your favourite time of the day. There are delectable foods from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana in the diversified South Indian cuisine.