Make This Easy Orange Curd At Home, Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Unsplash

Fresh orange juice, eggs, sugar, and butter are all combined to make orange curd - a rich and creamy dessert. Lemon and lime curds require extra sugar since they are tart and sour. The amount of sugar in citrus curd recipes varies depending on how sweet the fruit is. The sugar content of oranges varies, so taste the orange juice for sweetness and modify the recipe’s sugar, as necessary. Cornstarch is occasionally included in fruit curd recipes to thicken the mixture, but with citrus fruit curds, you can omit it. 

Here’s how you can make the recipe at home:


 2 navel oranges

 1 stick of butter (115 gm)

 3 eggs

 1¼ cups granulated sugar


 Juice and zest the oranges. A minimum of 2 tablespoons of orange zest and ½ to 3 cups of fresh orange juice are required.

 In the double boiler, heat the water to a simmer. Top with the second pot. Orange juice, zest, sugar, and eggs are combined.

 As the mixture starts to thicken, whisk or stir continuously. 

 The eggs should be cooked until they reach a safe eating temperature of at least 160°F.

 When the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, add the butter cubes and stir for another 15-20 minutes.

 Place the orange curd in sterile mason jars and keep them in the fridge.

Ways to use orange curd:

 For a sweet and sour topping over waffles instead of maple syrup, use orange curd. It has the same flavour as adding fruit to the batter. 

 Fill crêpes with the fruit curd and top with powdered sugar or whipped cream for an additional brunch option.

 To flavour your cheesecake batter, simply incorporate orange curd. 

 The curd can suspend in the cheesecake batter and maintain its swirl, producing a pleasing outcome.

 Compare the frosty treat's rich, creamy flavour to the sharpness of orange curd. 

 Orange curd can be mixed directly into homemade ice cream before freezing, or it can be spread on top of the frozen dessert and allowed to slightly solidify.

 Between the cake’s layers, spread orange curd. The curd filling gives the cake layers flavour and keeps them moist. 

 Cut a little hole in the centre of each cupcake, add orange curd, and top with buttercream icing to make cupcakes.