Make Crispy Veg Sushi Just Like This Cute New Café In Delhi

There is no dearth of pretty cafés and restaurants in Delhi, but the sensation caused by Romeo Lane in North Campus, Delhi is certainly hard to ignore. The popular café opened another branch in South Delhi’s Defence Colony neighbourhood. Spread across two levels, the restaurant comes with neatly done interiors. We loved the mix and match of furniture, the planters add a nice touch, and the dim lighting helps enhance the dining experience. The menu too is a mix of many interesting fusion dishes like chicken malai tikka with mango habanero sauce, pav bhaji balls and stuffed biryani chicken wings.  

Of course, the menu has many classics like chicken galouti kebabs too, which was done nicely, but we found the cinnamon to be a little overwhelming. A delightful surprise was the mushroom bruschetta. Perfectly toasted and buttered bread with chunky mushrooms, herbs and microgreens served as an excellent start to our meal experience. The chilli garlic prawns came with a lot of colourful vegetables like yellow bell peppers, beans, chopped onions and spicy sauces. They were given a very ‘Indo-Chinese’ treatment and we loved every bit of the eclectic flavours and textures. Equally delightful were the cream cheese dumplings that came in yellow sauce. The dumplings were bursting with the goodness of the soft and yummy cream cheese, which was aptly complemented with the mild and savoury yellow sauce with a coconut base. There was nothing remarkable about the crispy chicken bao, however, our final treat of the day, the chocolate tart, was truly oozing with decadence.  

One of our favourite grubs of the day would have to be the Asparagus Tempura Sushi. Tempura is a Japanese technique where seafood, meat and vegetables are battered and deep-fried. The crispness of tempura makes the sushi texturally so rich that you would not be able to stop at one.  

 Asparagus Tempura Sushi 


  • Sushi Rice ( 75gm)   
  • Japanese Mayo ( 10gm) 
  • Nori Sheet ( 1 No) 
  • Batter-fried Asparagus (10gm) 
  • Salt (3gm) 
  • Sugar (10gm)


1. Take a bamboo mat, place the nori sheet. 

2. Place the sushi rice right at the centre of the mat, followed by some fried asparagus. Then a drizzle of Japanese mayo, some salt and sugar.  

3. Bring everything in the centre of the sheet, and then start rolling tightly like a log.  

4. Once rolled, remove the mat and move your knife diagonally to cut equal sized sushi. Top up the sushi with some leftover tempura flakes.