Mahaprasad to Tirupati Ladoo: 8 Indian Prasads You Must Try
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Prasad is the blessed food one gets while visiting temples and other holy places of worship. The Prasad is first offered to the deity after which it is distributed among people. It is believed that the food offered has a divine touch to it and anybody who eats it receives the blessings of God. Different places of worship have their types of Prasad. The type of Prasad also depends on the region. The kind of Prashad you will find in the Northern part of India will be very different from that of the Southern part. Let's look at the most popular Indian Prasad that one must try.

1. Makhan Mishri at Krishna Temple

Lord Krishna is known for his mischievous behaviour and fondness for Makhan during his childhood. If you read Hindu holy texts, you will find a lot of stories about Lord Krishna  stealing Makhan from gopis. It is only fair that all the temples that worship Lord Krishna offer Makhan Mishri as Prasad. One of the most famous temples of Lord Krishna is the Baki Bihari Temple in Vrindavan where the Lord spent his childhood. The second is the Dwarkadheesh temple in Dwarka which was built on the west coast by Lord Krishna himself. 

2. Tirupati Laddu

Tirupati Balaji is a very famous pilgrimage in India. Every year thousands of people visit Tirupati to seek the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara. The famous Tirupati Laddu that is offered as Prasad to all the believers is made from gram flour, ghee, sugar, spices and nuts. The laddu tastes divine and it's almost impossible to replicate the flavours. Each Laddu weighs around 220 gm and all the devotees who visit the temple get to eat it. It is believed that the Prasad is tasted by the Lord himself, which is why it tastes so delicious.

3. Mahaprasad

Mahaprasad is offered at Jagannath Puri. It is believed that Lord Jagannath comes to eat at the holy place himself. The most interesting thing about this place is that it has the largest kitchen in the world. The people who cook the Prasad still use traditional clay pots to cook it. Khaja is a crispy sweet dish made from all-purpose flour and wheat. It is deep-fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. The devotees can also have a complete meal that is cooked by the sevaks and the brahmins of the temple.

4. Kadha Prasad 

Gurdwaras all across the world are famous for their Kadha Prasad which is made from wheat flour, ghee and sugar. This is a simple three-ingredient recipe that is extremely delicious. No matter how much you try to make this at home, it is almost impossible to imitate the taste. One of the most famous places to have Kadha Prasad is the Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. Gurudwaras also offer Langar Seva which is a proper meal offered to devotees who want to have it. 

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5. Bundi Prasad

Bundi are small sweet balls that taste like jalebis often distributed on Tuesdays in Hanuman temples. It is a tradition among many families to offer the Bundi Prasad in Hanuman temples every Tuesday and distribute it among people. The small balls are crispy from the inside and soft from the inside. They're sweet and are also enjoyed with salty namkeen.

6. Modak

Just like Bundi, Modak is specifically offered to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is very fond of Modak because of which this sweet dish is extensively distributed during Ganesh Puja. Modak is made from rice flour and filled with Khoya and dry fruits. Then a small dumpling is made out of the dough after which it is steamed. The Ganpati Temple at Ganapatiphule is very famous for its Modak Prasad

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7. Lala Peda

The famous Sankat Mochan Temple in Kashi Ji was built by Goswami Tulsidas himself who wrote both Hanuman Chalisa and Ramcharitramanas. It is said that Tulsidas of Hanuman ji was at the place after which the temple was built. If you ever get to visit the place, you will see it surrounded by a lot of monkeys. Two kinds of Prasad are very popular here. This includes Besan ka ladoo and Lal Killa. Lal Peda is made from well-roasted milk and khoya.

8. Dried Apple

Vaishno Devi temple is one of the most famous temples among Hindu devotees. Despite the difficulty of reaching the temple and the long trek, it is visited by millions of believers every year. Dried apple is one of the unique Prasads that you will get at the Maa Vaishnodevi Temple. The shelf life of this Prasad is pretty long so you can carry it back home with yourself and distribute it among people. These are sweet and sour.

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These are some of the many kinds of prasads that you can get in India. India is full of many places of worship and you will find all sorts of prasad that you can try