Madhya Pradesh Bans Tandoor! Dhaba Owners To Be Affected
Image Credit: Tandoori roti to be banned in some cities of Madhya Pradesh | Pexels

What is the strangest ban that you have heard about? Something that you think is too harmless to be banned but yet you are they're looking at its name in the list. Well, let us tell you that the recent ban on tandoor will leave you just as confused until you know about the reason. Madhya Pradesh government has decided to ban tandoor in the state and even put a fine on those who might be found using tandoors or serve dishes like tandoori roti.

As food lovers, this decision might bring disappointment in the people of Madhya Pradesh would love to eat tandoori dishes. Going forward, the very famous tandoori roti won't be found in most cities of the state because of a ban on tandoors. The reason for the said decision is the fact that the state is experiencing a major high in air pollution and the heat from the tandoors has been identified as one of the major reasons that is contributing to the pollution. This decision is going to affect cities like Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior and Bhopal, where you would no longer find any kind of tandoors in use.

The dhaba owners are upset by the ban | Pexels

The food department of the state government has given out these orders and issued notices to many restaurants, hotels and dhaba operators across Madhya Pradesh. The decision also includes a fine of up to ₹5 Lakhs in case someone is found guilty of using a tandoor despite the orders. The wood coal operated tandoor has been strictly banned and the government has asked the restaurant owners to use electric oven or the normal commercial gas cylinders as alternatives.

While this decision is for improving the air quality in this state, but clearly the entire hospitality sector is said to be affected by this decision. Items made with tandoor especially tandoori roti is extremely popular in Madhya Pradesh and food lovers of the state as well as small dhaba owners and big restaurant owners are equally worried about this ban. It is yet to be seen if a ban on tandoors will decrease the unprecedented air pollution in this state, but this is definitely a step in that direction as far as the government is concerned.