Lucknow Eateries: 6 Must-Try Delicacies To Taste In The 'City Of Nawabs'

Do you know that Lucknow is known as the 'paradise for foodies'? Yes, you read it right. If you plan to visit the 'City of Tehzeeb', don't bid goodbye without tasting some famous food. From the taste of Tunde Kebab to Malai ki Gilori, this city won't let you forget its flavours. The ‘City of Nawabs’ is famous for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes and, indeed, has countless eateries to sate our cravings in delightful forms. We have listed 6 of the most iconic eateries of Lucknow that have stood the test of time:

Tokri Chaat

The Tokri Chaat of Hazratganj Royal Cafe in Lucknow is the first choice of foodies. By the way, it is said that this Tokri Chaat cannot be found anywhere else in Lucknow. Select spices are used to make Tokri Chaat topped with pomegranate seeds. A sour-sweet tamarind chutney lends a unique flavour to this chaat. 

Malai Ki Gilori


This dessert is of a special kind, and if you think that you will get it anywhere, you're mistaken. Visit Ram Asrey, a famous mithai shop, to get the sweetness of Gilori. Moreover, if you have tasted the Malai's Gilori once, you will revisit Lucknow. 

Paaya Ki Nihari

There is a large number of Nihari eaters amongst non-vegetarians. For this dish from the Awadhi cuisine, Mubeen and Rahim's Nihari located at the Chowk are famous all over the city of Lucknow. The speciality of Lucknowi Paaya Nahari is that it is cooked on low heat for 7 hours! Sounds exciting!

Tunday Kebabi 

Tunday Kababi in Lucknow is an exciting kebab dish and has a very different story behind it. The person who started making kebabs was disabled, and this is how it got the name. It is said that about 100 spices are used to make Tunday kebabs. 

Rogan Josh


Rogan Josh is a famous Kashmiri dish that all non-vegetarians enjoy with great passion. It is cooked with many aromatic spices in The Mughal's Dastarkhwan, Lucknow. 

Boti Kebab

If you plan to visit Lucknow, try the boti kebab of Dastarkhwan, 29, BN Road, Lalbagh. It is cooked with a variety of unique spices. 

Have you tried any of these places? Let us know.