Luchi to Bedami: 8 Types Of Puris To Try This Festive Month

Indian food is known for its rich taste and unique flavours all over the world. Packed with plenty of mouthwatering delights, desi cuisine has something for everyone. Each region in the country presents some special culinary gifts that can excite your taste buds and satisfy all your cravings. Be it snacks, main course or desserts, traditional Indian foods can become a paradise for all foodies

There are also numerous varieties of breads available in this cuisine. Some of the most popular ones are roti, naan, thepla, kulcha, parathas and puris. Speaking particularly about puris, we mostly eat the basic one that is made with wheat dough and is deep fried. But do you know there are many other versions of this flatbread that you can relish with your curries, chutneys and other side dishes? 

From luchi to bedami, here are eight types of puris you can include in your meals: 


This deep-fried delight belongs to Bengali cuisine and is very popular in the state of West Bengal, Assam and Orissa. Made with all-purpose flour, salt, ghee and water, it is deep fried in ghee instead of any oil. Luchi is specially prepared during Durga Puja, and it is best served with aloor dum or kosha mangsho. 

Kuttu Ki Puri 

Kuttu ki puri is very popular during the Hindu festivals that include fasting such as Navratri, Shivratri and Ekadashi. Prepared with buckwheat flour, rock salt and cumin powder, it is deep fried in oil. You can enjoy it with any of your favourite side dishes but traditionally it is served with vrat wale aloo, arbi curry or a bowl of curd. 

Plain Puri

This is the classic variety of puri that is made with wheat flour, semolina and salt and then deep fried in oil. It is popular all over the country and is perfect to celebrate every occasion at home. It can be enjoyed with several side dishes and the most common ones are chole, paneer, aloo dum, vegetable kurma and tomato bhaji. 

Bedami Puri 

Bedami puris are very popular in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. It is specially prepared during festivals like Hariyali Teej. This is best served with any type of aloo sabzi. Bedami puri is prepared with soaked urad dal, wheat flour, cumin seeds, green chillies, asafoetida, garam masala and other spices.  

Palak Puri 

If you are bored of your basic puri recipes, then try this one. This variety of puri is prepared with the goodness of spinach. Made with a paste of freshly blanched palak combined with chillies and salt, it can go well with curd or any kind of spicy curry. This bread has a gorgeous green colour and is very easy to prepare. 

Radha Ballavi 

This is a type of stuffed puri that is very popular in Bengali households for breakfast. Made with lentils, ginger paste and flavourful spices like asafoetida, fennel powder and cumin seeds, it is deep fried in oil. These soft and tasty puris are best enjoyed with curd, cholar dal, dum aloo or any curried side dish. 

Masala Puri 

Masala puri is a puffed Indian bread that goes well for breakfast as well as lunch. Being very popular in South India, it is the spiced version of the plain puris. Masala puri is prepared with wheat flour, gram flour, turmeric powder and a few spices like red chili powder, carom seeds and coriander powder. 


This is an iconic Indian bread that is best enjoyed with some spicy chole. In simple words, it is a fluffy deep-fried leavened sourdough bread that goes well for all three meals. It is also a very popular street food in India. Bhatura is prepared with all-purpose flour, yoghurt, salt and a leavening agent.