Low-Calorie Carrot Delights: 7 Snacks For Midnight Cravings
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Stress, overwork, and a lack of nutrition in food can often lead to late-night cravings. When cravings strike, many are often tempted to eat fatty treats to curb their hunger for the time being and satisfy their minds. But this can later develop into an unhealthy habit and may cause problems sticking to health goals.

At times like these, low-calorie snacks offer perfect satisfaction and fulfil hunger as well as health. Among all the humble yet versatile snacks that can be transformed into many delicious snacks, carrots remain the most indulgent of them all. With a mildly sweet and grassy flavour and a firm texture, carrots give way to many possibilities and present a healthy snack for munching late at night.

From roasted carrot fingers to wholesome carrot oat idli, know what easy snacks you can make with carrots when late-night hunger pangs call.

7 Low-Calorie Snacks With Carrots For Late-Night Indulgence

1) Carrot Fingers

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Making carrot fingers is extremely easy. All you need to do is chop carrots into long pieces, coat them with olive oil, salt and some parmesan if you like, and roast them in the oven until fully cooked. As the moisture goes away, the flavours get deep, and the edges become crispy and delicious.

2) Carrot Chips

Slicing carrots into thin chips, covering them in some olive oil and baking them in the oven to perfection can make you some indulging, healthy and low-calorie chips in minutes. Eat it with Greek yoghurt for added flavour.

3) Carrot Salad

Salad is always a first choice for fitness freaks when talking about healthy snacks. Carrot salad is a perfect no-cook recipe that you can make with different veggies, dressings and seasonings to savour late at night.

4) Carrot Fritters

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Baked carrot fritters are ideal as an appetiser for late-night dinner as well as a snack to eat with Greek yoghurt. These fritters can include a bunch of different veggies and seasonings of your choice. However, it is best to avoid deep-fried fritters and instead, you can go for baked or air-fried fritters to limit your calorie intake.

5) Carrot Muffins

Vegetable muffins are a wholesome way to nibble down healthy ingredients and satisfy cravings. It only includes a handful of ingredients like carrots, flour, herbs, sugar, and spices. A bite-sized version of carrot cake, this recipe is perfect for late-night indulgence.

6) Carrot Pancake 

Carrot pancakes are delicious, low-calorie delights made with shredded carrots, flour, eggs, milk, and a hint of cinnamon. Cooked to golden perfection on a griddle, these pancakes are fluffy with a slight sweetness from the carrots.

7) Carrot Oats Idli

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Made with grated carrots, oats, and yoghurt batter, this recipe combines the goodness of oats with carrots. Temper the batter with tadka made from cumin seeds, mustard seeds, spices and curry leaves. Pair the idlis with coconut chutney and devour the fluffy idlis as much as you like.