5 Delicious Beetroot Recipes To Enjoy For Various Meals
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Like all its root vegetable counterparts, beetroot can be pretty versatile – roasting, boiling, eating them raw and baking the beetroot are some of the many ways to enjoy this earthy vegetable. Rather underrated in its utility, beetroot makes up in more ways than one as a starchy replacement as well as adding a dose of antioxidants to your meals. Here are five low-calorie, delicious recipes to use beetroot in.

Beetroot Poriyal

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A stir-fried South Indian preparation that uses boiled beetroot tossed in a fragrant tempering, this beetroot poriyal is the perfect accompaniment to rotis, dal-chawal or dahi-chawal. Simply toss diced beetroot in a tempering made with coconut oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida, before seasoning with salt and garnishing with plenty of freshly grated coconut for some contrast and textural variation.

Beetroot Sauce Pasta

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A simple and quick preparation that involves blitzing boiled beetroot into a paste, along with some garlic, onion and black pepper; this beetroot sauce pasta makes for a solid packed lunch, once garnished with some feta cheese and chopped parsley. For a bit more nutrition, add vegetables of your choice into this bright pink pasta sauce or chicken, if you’re looking to bulk up the protein.

Air Fryer Beets

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Want to enjoy the idea of crunchy beetroot chips crushed over salads or used as a garnish over your food? Try this easy-peasy air fryer recipe where thinly sliced beetroots are seasoned with an array of spices and olive oil, before being stuck in the air fryer and cooked until crunchy. Use them to enjoy high protein dips, for a healthy evening snack or to add some texture to soups and sauces.

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Beetroot Paratha

Image Credits: Archana's Kitchen

This kid-friendly recipe is a great way to make children enjoy the vegetable as a puree of boiled beetroot is added to chapati dough, while it is being kneaded. Roll out thick parathas and cook them as it is, or stuff them with grated paneer or vegetables to make for a filling meal. Enjoy these beetroot parathas with pickle and fresh yoghurt for breakfast, or pair with dal and sabzi to have for dinner.

Beetroot Pulao

Image Credits: Nmami Life

Add some colour to your plate with this one-pot recipe where you add grated beetroot to the sequence of whole spices and aromatics cooking in ghee, before you add the rice and pressure cook the mixture for a couple of whistles. Perfect to make when you’ve run out of weekday supper ideas, enjoy this pulao with some raita or dal on the side. You could also make some extra and refrigerate it until the next day, as it tastes better when it is rested for a few hours.