I remember my birthday in junior school, fanciest of clothes and a bag full of toffee packets, with the best flavour reserved for the best of friends. And no points of guessing, it was always the mango one. There might be a range of toffee flavours in today's world. But for us, the kids from 80's or 90's, the two most-loved flavours were orange and mango, isn’t it true? And not just birthdays, the one thing that I always demanded whenever my father went to the local market to fetch groceries, it was the mango toffee. Birthdays, picnics, lunch time or even pre-lunch time in school, mango toffee was a companion in all of it. Now what if we told you that someone turned our favourite mango toffee into a drink? Yes, you read it right. Believe it or not, recently, a food blogger made a drink out of 'kacha mango bite' toffee and left people on the internet very confused.  

In a short reel posted by @cookwith_drrupali on Instagram, the food blogger can be seen making a minty green-coloured looking drink from the popular mango toffees. In the video, she first took 8-10 toffees and ground them to a super fine powder. Then she rimmed a glass with lime and some ground toffee powder, she added the powder with some ice to the glass. Lastly, the blogger added a clear aerated soft drink to complete the experiment. Take a look at the short video here:

 The unique drink has garnered the video more than 8 million views, with over four lakh likes and several comments. While many people commented that they would also like to try this drink, some raised concerns that this combination can be harmful to health. 

A user wrote, " Wow love this idea”, another said “That's a very unique drink." Some users even informed that "Not too healthy to eat 10+ candies disguised as a drink." Talking about the risk of having this drink, one user also said that "there have been fatal cases when aerated drinks and candies are taken together, it's definitely a risk." 

What do you have to say about this unique drink? Would you try? Let us know.