Love To Fromage? Goat Cheese Should Be On Your List
Image Credit: Goat Cheese (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

From a quick sandwich to the most delectable platters, cheese really knows how to steal the show. But there is one cheese that is quite remarkable that we rarely hear anything about, it’s goat cheese. While most cheese is made from cow’s milk, there is a variety of goat’s cheese in the market. Commonly know as Chèvere, goat cheese as the name suggests comes from goat’s milk. The cheese has a wonderfully crumbly and creamy texture with a mild yet citrusy flavour. It is flavourful as is but the more mature cheese has a pen more exquisite taste. 


Commercially, there are over thirty kinds of goat cheese being sold. But majorly, the process of production is what makes the difference among these varieties. Some are stark white while others have a coating of herbs. The cheese gets a characteristic taste from capric acid which is a fatty acid produced by goats. Freshly made goat cheese does not develop a rind but aged varieties might be coated with natural or artificial rind. 


Unlike other cheese, goat cheese is spreadable. So if you are looking for a replacement for butter on your morning toast, goat cheese can be a refreshing new take. 


How to Buy Goat Cheese?


While buying goat cheese make sure to buy as much as you need and extra. Goat cheese tends to go bad and lose flavour quickly, so eat it up as soon as possible. If buying fresh goat cheese, ensure it is not packed in plastic wrap. Also, make sure that it is not mushy, otherwise, you’ll end up buying damp and watered goat cheese. 


How to store Goat Cheese? 


If you purchased the right quantity there will be no need to store anything. But in any other case, let cheese breathe and wrap it loosely in beeswax paper. If you detect mould at any time, scrape it and re-pack it.